Wednesday, May 1, 2013

In the kitchen.

I haven't been writing lately, which I truly miss, but I have been cooking. At least the hubby and baby girl are happy, right?!?

I've shared some yummy recipes before, and one or two are recipes that my parents have tried and really liked. I'm not sure they would love any of the ones I'm sharing today (maybe one of the recipes), for different reasons, but someone else out there might want an easy and yummy recipe. I only do easy. And I only do yummy. Period. And Mom and Dad, I'm sure you can try anything at least once, right?!?

Recipe #1 - Beef Enchiladas

I attempted to make beef enchiladas a few years ago and it was an epic fail. They were awful. Travis wouldn't eat them and he usually will eat most anything I cook, at least once. Trenholm and Owens were eating with us. Owens hated them just as much as Travis and I, but sweet Trenholm kept saying, "They're pretty good. They aren't that bad. I like them." I think she was fibbing. Anyway, I found this recipe a few weeks back and decided to give it one more try. Oh. My. Goodness. First, they are SUPER easy. You only need a few ingredients and it really doesn't take that long to put together. Secondly and most important, they are delicious. I think the cream of mushroom combined with the enchilada sauce is the key. We've had them twice in the past three weeks and I seriously think I could eat them once a week. No lie.

Recipe #2 - Chicken Spaghetti

This is a recipe I found on Pinterest. Again, I'm always looking for easy and yummy, and this met both criteria. I love spaghetti, but I was looking for something different and this was it. The Rotel and sour cream make this dish. I also love that you can just throw everything in the dish, cover with foil and bake away. Travis and I loved this, but MK not so much. She wasn't a fan of the Rotel. I think next time I'll just take some of the spaghetti out before I add the Rotel and make her a separate dish. 

Recipe #3 - Crockpot Cheese Tortellini

E.A.S.Y. You throw a bunch of yummy stuff in the crockpot, cook for four hours and dive in. I LOVE the tortellini and the spinach. We've made it with ground sausage and ground turkey, and I prefer the ground turkey. The recipe makes a lot, so we are able to eat it for dinner and then take it for lunch the next day. Personally, I think it's even better the next day. 

Recipe #4 - Spicy Fish and Potato Soup

I truly enjoy all of the recipes, but this one is probably my absolute favorite of the four. It's probably the one my parents would try and actually like. We deviated from the recipe slightly. We did not use a bay leaf and we used a bag of frozen tilapia from Publix (which we love), and I still think it turned out delish. I think the red pepper and potatoes make this recipe. Again, it's so simple and tastes so good. It also makes a lot, so we stretched it for a few meals, too.

Now that I've been a good friend and shared with all of you, I need you to share with me. I need some new easy and yummy recipes!