Sunday, April 13, 2014


1. Spring Break 2014 is HERE. I. Am. So. Excited. Except for the fact that MK is running a 101 fever and is not feeling like herself at all. My girl hasn't been sick in FOREVER. Praying she feels lots better today. 

2. We attended Caroline's 5th birthday party a few weekends ago. Still can't believe she's 5! I guess that was technically March, but I'm just now blogging about it. It was such a fun party and all of the kiddos got to ride horses. MK had a blast and looked so stinkin' cute in her riding helmet.

3. The same weekend of Caroline's party, Owens and Loitton came out to hang with us while Trenholm was working. Owens and Travis got some bonding time in the backyard, while MK and I got some snuggle time with my sweet, sweet nephew. He is THE cutest.

4. MK's dance class had parent observations last week. They are SO good. Of course I'm a little biased because MK is in the class and Roddey is the teacher, but seriously, they know their stuff. They are doing two dances -one is jazz and the other is ballet. The ballet dance is to "Let It Go". Every little girl's dream, right?!?

5. I gave up Facebook and Instagram for Lent. I admit, I feel a bit out of the loop, but it's also been SO nice. I've had SO much time for other stuff. 

6. Last Friday I attended "Ma Spa" at MK's preschool. It was THE cutest! Each mom was given an appointment card with times for massages, manicures (both done by the children), a reflection time where we read a book that the little ones wrote about us, and then a refreshment time. I had THE best time! I adore her preschool and her teachers.

7. This past Saturday we had a "Farm Day". A bunch of us (parents, siblings, cousins, uncles, grandmother, etc.) got together at my grandmother's farm and hung out. We rode four wheelers, walked around, grilled hot dogs and just had a fun, relaxing day. It was Baby Loitton's first farm day and he did  really well. It was so nice to be with family and just enjoy one another. When I'm at my grandmother's farm I don't have another care in the world and my heart is just so full. Farm Days are good for the soul.

8. This past Friday Travis was able to go to MK's school for her Easter party. He's the best daddy and not only did everything with her, but also sent mommy pictures.