Sunday, September 30, 2012

It's Sunday night...

It's Sunday night and after three long weeks of allergy/sinus/cold stuff and one trip to a local doc in a box, I finally have an antibiotic and I'm finally getting some relief. This morning when I woke up it felt like someone had punched me in my face. It hurt so bad and was so sore. I decided that my cold/allergies were probably now an infection and I needed some interventions. 

It's Sunday night and my hubby is home from a nine day business trip to India. Yes, India. Yes, clear across the world. Longest nine days of my life. It was definitely hard being a single momma, but missing him was by far the hardest part. 

It's Sunday night and my baby girl has school pictures this week. I can't wait to compare this year's with last year's. 

It's Sunday night and I'm already feeling overwhelmed about the week ahead. Lots going on and parent-teacher conferences until 7pm Thursday. Long day.

It's Sunday night and I'm thinking about what a great weekend we had, despite my sore face and stuffy nose. Okra Strut Friday night, Okra Strut parade Saturday morning, my love coming home Saturday night and then a relaxing Sunday. So blessed.

It's Sunday night and my bed is calling my name. Loudly.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Showering Baby Emi

This past weekend several of us got together to shower this "Momma-to-be" with lots of pink, ruffles and monograms. 
Raven is expecting #2, a baby girl named Emi, at the beginning of November. I am over the moon excited about Emi's arrival. There's just something special about your best friend having her own baby girl. 

We all took care of "something" for the shower. Melissa L. handled invites and these adorable favors. How talented is she?
I took care of some of the food and decorations. When it comes to decorating I can get a little carried away. I LOVE decorating and I think it's so much fun, but I can't ever decide on just a few things, so I end up trying to do and make it all. The making it part proves to be tricky at times.
Rita was super kind and offered to let us use her house for the event. She lives in a beautiful house downtown and it was the perfect spot! 
Melissa N. helped out and she brought some of the yummy food.
Rita also took care of the cake. How precious is this?
Nolan came and he was THE cutest thing ever!
I love going to showers and catching up with friends and spending time with people that I don't get to see on a daily basis. 
These are girls I have been friends with since middle school (above picture and below). Seriously. I've known each of them since I was in the fourth or fifth grade and we have remained friends. They definitely hold a special place in my heart.
Me, Raven, Melissa, Rita, Melissa
My girl was also there. She loves any excuse to have a party!
This wreath was part of my "decorations" and it was by far the most fun thing I made. It was so easy and turned out way better than I expected. Oh, and it was super inexpensive. It's made from a straw wreath and coffee filters. Coffee filters!!! I definitely will be making more of these.
It was a beautiful day and a beautiful shower for such a beautiful mommy. I couldn't be more excited for Raven. I am counting down the days until Emi's big arrival!!

Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy birthday. At school.

Last week Morgan Kate celebrated her birthday at school. She, just like her mommy and daddy, has a summer birthday. Summer birthdays typically mean no parties at school, no birthday shout out over the announcements and no birthday treats to share with classmates. Fortunately, lots of teachers and schools aren't "typical" and for the first time, in a long time, summer birthdays are being recognized. Why couldn't someone figure this out when I was growing up? Ha.

MK's celebration was during the day, but my most awesome principal allowed me to leave for about an hour to participate. Made my day. 
MK got to be the line leader and wear the birthday crown all day. I brought cupcakes, grapes and drinks for the all the kiddos in her class. 
She has THE cutest class. Ever. And three of her very best friends are in the class with her. 
Each child gets to pick out and open a birthday book on their special day. She chose a book wrapped in pink striped paper and it was a book about butterflies. She loved it. While she was opening the book I got to read to a few others in the class. So sweet. We also made a pretend birthday cake and Morgan Kate got to be the candles that we blew out/over.
Afterward I even had a few minutes to spare and was able to watch MK in the "big room".

It just warms my heart to be able to go to her school and see her interact and learn with others. It was so nice to step out of teacher mode and be mommy. Just mommy. Greatest job ever.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Dear Weekend.

Dear Weekend,

It's been a long five days and I have anxiously awaited your arrival. 

Your arrival means so much. 

It means slowing down. 

It means being able to enjoy a meal without having to worry about finishing in record time so that we can squeeze in bath and bed. 

It means sleeping in, even if "in" is only 8:00. I'll take 8:00 over 5:30 any day. 

It means spending time with my girl and hubby. Naps, couch time, outside time, us time.

It means catching up on ridiculous TV shows and actually having a chance to shave my legs. 

It means sipping coffee on the back porch and actually eating breakfast. 

It means staying up past 9 at night. And not falling asleep on the couch.

And while I'm impatiently awaiting your arrival, once you get here, please, please, please slow down. I need a nice, slow weekend. 

Your biggest fan,

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Oh my word.

Oh my word. Really?!? Has it really been ten days since I last posted? Where, oh where, does the time go? And does anyone even still read this blog? I don't blame you if you've removed me from your "reading list".

In the past ten days we've...

All three experienced some sort of allergies/sinus/seasonal stuff. MK and I started with it last week. Trav is dealing with it now.

Celebrated my mom's birthday. Happy, happy birthday, Momma! Sunday we all went down to Orangeburg and went to church and then had lunch to celebrate the big day.

Celebrated MK's summer birthday at school. I was able to leave my school for a little while and visit her school. We had cupcakes, grapes and Capri Suns to celebrate. MK has THE cutest class and such sweet teachers.

When I really think about it, those are the only really big things we've done in the past ten days. The rest has been work, school, dance, work some more, eat, sleep, work some more. I just CANNOT seem to get it together. Seriously. I am struggling. There have been days where I have longed to blog and write, but my longing for sleep has overpowered anything else. 

When am I going to get it together?

Monday, September 10, 2012

Tomorrow marks week four that I have been back at work and life is just starting to feel normal again.

I have finally figured out that magical time in which I must rise in order to get ready, fix lunches, fix coffee and get our girl out of bed and dressed.

I have finally figured out the moment in which I must leave the house in order to make it on time to work. And when I say on time, I mean where I have a minute or two to drop my school bag and turn on the lights before twenty lively children enter my door. 

We are back at Roddey's and our girl is back into her groove.

Our regular schedule, of meetings on this afternoon and dance this afternoon and work late on this afternoon have finally fallen into place. 

Cooked dinners are starting to resume.

Dishes and laundry are beginning to get caught up on. We've even managed to have time for a TV show or two.

Playing outside and enjoying one another has been something we've been able to focus on rather than our "get home, eat dinner, clean up, prepare for tomorrow, get baths, go to bed" routine.

My mind is finally starting to settle and my to-do list doesn't seem quite as lengthy or overwhelming.

Life is starting to get back to normal and my heart and mind and body couldn't be happier.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

It just happens to be Wednesday again. It's been a week since I last blogged. It's been a week since I have had five minutes to do something other than schoolwork or housework. It's been a week since I made it to bed at a decent time. It's been a week since I have had a chance to cook dinner or do other things that just need to be done. But, anyway.

Here's life via some more phone pictures. Thank goodness for a phone with a camera and friends who send pictures. 

Morgan Kate having fun with Asher and Sloan this past week at Kristen's. 
Making banana muffins 
Kisses for sweet Sloan
Fire girl Morgan Kate
Thank goodness for a brother who swears he's my personal editor and even sends texts of my errors. One day when I go big, he's definitely going to proofread all of my work. Ha! I'm just thankful he's actually reading! 
Most days, most being the keyword, I don't mind being a working momma. But, on days like the first day of preschool, work kind of cramps my style. Fortunately, I have a momma who doesn't work on Fridays and she was able to take my girl to her first day of preschool. So thankful for my momma!
Morgan Kate's first day of her second year of preschool. Such a big girl!
She has lots of new friends in her class, but also ended up with some her besties - Annie Parker and Mary Hall. What a little trio! Three girls with double names and three girls with LOADS of personality!
I was especially thankful for a LONG weekend at home, doing nothing. Saturday morning was the perfect day to sleep in and snuggle with my girl.
I might not have cooked dinner in a week, but I did make pancakes for breakfast. Yum.
Long weekends, or any weekend for that matter, also present opportunities to spend time with dear neighbors who will be moving soon. Mary and I enjoyed chatting, while MK fed Baby Evan.
A long weekend also means several trips to the lake.
 And stops to get hot boiled peanuts.
Our second trip to the lake proved to be a bit scary. While on the lake we got caught in a huge storm. Lots of rain, lots of thunder and even some lightning. No worries - we all stayed safe.
Tuesday began a new work week and a week back with RODDEY!!! I had one happy girl and I was one happy momma. We were so thankful to have Kristen and Holly help us out while Roddey was on maternity leave, but it sure feels good to be back into our routine and with our Roddey!
Reunited and it feels so good!
Tuesday also brought the birth of a new family member. Welcome to the world, Tanner James! We love you so much and can't wait to kiss those precious cheeks. 
It's been a busy week, an overwhelming week and even one filled with exhaustion, but it's been a good week. A really good week.