Monday, August 11, 2014

Goodbye, summer.

Goodbye, sleeping in. One of my most favorite things to do.

Goodbye, slow mornings, sipping coffee and staying in my PJs until after lunch or longer.

Goodbye, Today Show and Kelly and Michael. 

Goodbye, morning snuggles with my best girl.

Goodbye, VBS, cheer camp, gymnastics camp, and dance camp.

Goodbye, no agenda and no set plans.

Goodbye, middle of the day play dates.

Goodbye, naps. Sweet naps.

Goodbye, lunch and shopping with Kaka on Fridays.

Goodbye, kisses and hugs and squeezes at any time during the day.

Goodbye, dinner at 9pm.

Goodbye, Netflix. Or at least Netflix until 2am.

Goodbye, late nights. Very late nights.

Hello, new school year.

Hello, alarm clock. I have not missed you one bit.

Hello, to my hubby, as we once again have the same waking hours.

Hello, to coworkers I have missed.

Hello, to a new classroom and a new grade level and new sweet faces to meet.

Hello, to my KINDERGARTNER! Still struggling with this.

Hello, to morning rides to school with my girl.

Hello, to all that the new school year holds for me and my little one who is starting school for the first time.

Lots and lots to look forward to!

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Dance Recital 2014

No, we didn't JUST have a dance recital. The recital was actually back in May. Don't judge.

This was Morgan Kate's third dance recital and she was just as excited as she was for the first, maybe more. She really loves dance. She also loves dressing up in her costume, putting on a little makeup, and having her hair "done". 
She also loves an audience. She loves knowing that lots of people will be there and that lots of those people came to see her. 
MK took jazz and ballet this year and it was perfect for her. Her class danced to "Let It Go" (every little girl's dream) and "Pumping Up the Party". Both were SO stinking cute.
I am THAT mom. I sit and watch all of the other classes perform and I enjoy it, I really do. The Dance Department and all of their classes are fabulous. But, just minutes before I know my girl is coming out, I get all jittery and excited and I have this smile on my face that actually makes the muscles in my face hurt. I can hardly stand it. 
The entire time she is performing, I am leaning forward in my seat and moving to the the music. I'm silently clapping and doing some of the moves right along with her. If I feel this way about preschool dance, I can't imagine what Olympic moms feel like. Wowzers.
Roddey has been her teacher for the past three years and she will be her teacher this upcoming year, too. This year MK will be on Team Dance. Big stuff! She will attend competitions, participate in the Okra Strut Parade, and go to Disney in the spring. She's most excited about having a team jacket. Ha!
As I was saying earlier, I think all of the classes do an excellent job, but I'm a little partial to our Roddey. She just has a way with children and with little dancers, and they do such a GOOD job. It's pretty crazy. It is definitely something she has a talent for. 
Kaka, Gator, Owens, Trenholm and Baby Loitton all came to see MK perform. She was thrilled that her baby cousin came to watch. We won't tell her until much later that he slept most of the show.
After the recital, we took pictures (a million), hugged, kissed, and then headed to lunch as a family. 
I'm so thankful for my girl, for dance, for Roddey, and for the Dance Department. Right now, this really is HER thing and I couldn't be more happy. 

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Our Annual Family Pic at Folly

Folly 2009
Folly 2010
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Folly 2012 
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Folly 2014