Monday, September 1, 2014


I literally blinked and my girl grew up on me. People tell you all the time that it all goes so quickly. You can only really understand it, once it's actually happening. 
MK started Kindergarten on Tuesday, August 19. That morning, she told me she felt really excited and a little bit nervous. I could totally relate. I was so excited about my girl coming to school with me, and even more excited about the possibility of running into her a few times during the day. But, I was nervous and anxious and feeling all kinds of things, too. Would she like it? Would she be okay? Would people be kind to her? Who would she sit with at lunch? Would she know how to open her pineapple tidbits? Would she be okay in the bathroom? Would she work hard and understand things? Would she miss me? Would she be okay without Roddey and her friends there?
I'm pretty sure that lots of mommas and daddies feel that same way. If not, oh well. It's how I felt. I thought about her so many times during the day and even went and peeked a few times - just one of the advantages of teaching at her school.
Each time I looked in, she was beaming. Which in turn, made me beam.
Travis followed us to school that morning and we walked our girl in together. I'm not sure who's smile was bigger - mine, hers, or his.
We walked her into the room and stayed for just a few minutes. I could tell she was a little anxious, so we all stopped and said a little prayer. We prayed for everyone to have a good day and for everyone to feel excited and not nervous.
She had a great first day. And I did, too.
People were kind to her. She worked hard. And no worries about the pineapple tidbits. On the very first day of school, ever, my girl wanted a school lunch. Instead of a homemade sandwich, she wanted cheese sticks from the lunch line.
After school, she was too excited to feel tired or fall asleep in the car. She was on cloud nine and couldn't stop talking about all of the things she had done that day.
She told us about the Gingerbread Man Hunt, her cubby, her friends. She talked about recess and lunch and her sweet teachers. She told us all about the disco ball in the gym and meeting the guidance counselor.
I was so proud of her! I was so proud of US! We've all come such a LONG way and August 19 was a big day for each of us.
I pray that her excitement and drive continue each and every day!