Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Our Summer in Pictures

Making homemade donuts. Definitely not as good as Kaka's.
LOTS of lake days.
Sleeping in and relaxing.
Only one bike ride. Shortly after this picture was taken, MK insisted that we take the training wheels off. She has not quite mastered that yet.
Trips to eat ice cream.
Tube rides.
Vacation Bible School 
Loving on Baby Loitton.
Dentist appointments. MK - 1, Mommy - LOTS
Chapin Cheer Camp - Way to go, Annie Parker! She's going to be one of the mascots for the Varsity squad.
Travis took numerous pics of MK and I sleeping in.
We took my parents to the park because MK wanted to show them how she had mastered the monkey bars. Of course, my daddy had to try some things, too.
4th of July on the lake.
MK got a kayak! 
Resting and relaxing.
Fun with letters.
My silly girl!
Good times with friends!
My girls!
LOTS of jeep rides.
Lunch and piano playing with Mama Jean.
Jeep rides with Kaka and Gator. 
A visit to the salon.
A snake on Kaka and Gator's boat. She has NO fear!!
Snuggles with my girl.
Play dates with friends.
Love these babies! 
Daddy trying to show MK that belly flops aren't so bad. Trying is the keyword.
MK pre-belly flop. Poor girl!
Gymnastics Camp
Play dates for these divas.
After our trip to Folly, we came home and put the boat in fresh water. Within minutes of being on the boat, she was OUT!
These two melt my heart!
Dance camp- for her, not me. And yes, we dressed like twins.
Lola got a haircut. 
It has been a really good summer. We've gotten to do so many fun things and really spend some good time together. I can't believe that I return to work in two weeks and that MK starts school in exactly three. I'm now going to cry.

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Folly 2014

We just returned from our annual trip to Folly. We had THE best time and it literally flew by. It seems to go by fast every year, but this year it seemed to go by especially fast. We wait and wait and wait for the week to arrive, and then it's gone in the blink of an eye. Not fair. I wish vacation moved at the same pace as a work week.

As usual, I took close to 1000 pictures. I've narrowed that down to about two hundred. No worries. I'm not going to share all 200 here. This is just a little peek into our week. And they are in no particular order.

So excited to be at the beach!
Travis, also known as, The Baby Whisperer.
Me and my munchkins.
My mom and her "babies".
My little diva.
Morning conversations.
Our last night there, we went to dinner at The Brickhouse. Oh.My.Goodness. THE BEST! The food was delicious, service was superb, and the atmosphere was right up our alley. Can't wait to go back!
Live music and dancing - these three were in heaven. Who am I kidding? We all were!
My sweet girl. Love those green eyes.
Our annual family picture.
My parents and their grands.

Trenholm and Loitton - his first year at the beach. Precious!
Family photo.
These two had the best time together and played so well. Love seeing them together!
I love Loitton's expression. 
My adorable parents.
Every baby has to at least try the sand.
Mama Jean and Loitton on my parents' boat.
Sweetest picture ever. Love them all so much.
Another favorite.
All of the great-grands on the Hardison side, minus Baby Cora who is only a few weeks old.
Hunter, Loitton, Morgan Kate, Zoe Lewis, and Jillian
Jillian and Morgan Kate - sweetest girls and great models for Shrimp and Grits. Ha!
This will be framed or on a canvas very soon!
Another one that I am sure will be framed. Fishy lips!
Luke and his new baby boy, Lewis. Lewis and Loitton are just a few weeks apart and they are both IIIs, named after their dads and granddads. 
Sweet boy playing in his shark pool.
My little beach bum. She and I could stay on the beach all day long 
This stud prefers the river or lake to the ocean, but he comes out and appeases his girls. 
My cousin Will and his sweet friend, Taylor.
Me and Dip
These two are a hot mess! 
Kyle posing!
Me and my sistas.
Love this boy!
Anchoring at the Point. Our favorite place.
Two peas in a pod.
I love you, Momma!

She loves the water!
I think family vacation should last much longer than a week. It just doesn't seem right. My family and Folly Beach are both so dear to me and I treasure the moments and memories I make while we are there. Less than 350 days until we are there again!