Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Update on Kelly and the babies...

Today Kelly is 29 weeks and 1 day. Woo-hoo for another day! HUGE. She has received both steroid injections. These are injections administered 24 hours apart and they need 24 hours in your system to do their job. Both injections are in and both have been in her system for at least 24 hours. One of her sacs, not sure if Baby A or Baby B, did rupture early Tuesday morning. However, there is some fluid left and both babies are doing great. Another big woo-hoo! Of course now, with the rupture membranes, comes the chance of infection, but Kelly is receiving lots of antibiotics. I so remember these and how they made my arms feel like they had fire running through them. Another day down and another day in mommy's tummy, makes life great! I was able to talk with Kelly last night and it was so good to hear her voice. Made my heart feel a little better. I could hear the fear and anxiety in her voice, but I could also hear the optimism. She is being so positive and so strong. Nothing unusual for this amazing mommy-to-be. Please continue to pray, pray, pray. 

Monday, October 24, 2011

It's no secret. Pregnancy, in general, freaks me out. Makes me a nervous wreck. The minute people tell me their big news I begin to worry. I know it's awful and it's sad and I shouldn't be this way, but I am. I've seen and witnessed and experienced things, some firsthand, that no one should ever have to be a part of and, therefore, pregnancy freaks me out. 

In spring of 2010, only months after my miscarriage, my cousin and her husband lost their precious baby boy at only twenty weeks gestation. It's not something that I've shared openly before and mainly because, well, it's overwhelmingly sad. My heart hurts and aches every single day for them. Despite their enormous loss, their hearts were filled again, just this spring when they found out that they were pregnant again and this time with TWINS! God is so good! And so miraculous. 

Kelly's pregnancy has been progressing so well and each time I see her I just touch and love on her belly. Just this past weekend I was able to feel Baby A and Baby B send me some "love kicks". We were not only able to spend some time together, but we celebrated the twins upcoming birth with a baby shower for Kelly. It was a beautiful shower and the twins truly were showered with so much love and so many, many gifts. 

With all that happiness, came some disappointing news. As of today, Kelly has started dilating and is experiencing some contractions. She has been hospitalized and they are doing all they can do to hold off labor. She will be 29 weeks tomorrow and the twins are both almost three pounds each. We are all praying so hard that the twins are able to grow, grow, grow for a few more weeks. Kelly is an amazing person. She is so much more to me than a cousin, she is more like a sister. We are only nine months apart ourselves and have shared so many happy times. She is one of THE strongest people I have ever known. She has amazing faith and courage and hope and peace. She is so generous and so thoughtful. And those sweet babies are so lucky and blessed to have her as a mom. 
Kelly, me and Ashley
Of course, my heart is breaking. In my heart, I truly believe that the twins will be okay. I really, really do. Kelly has taken such good care of herself and of them. She has made it 29 weeks and they are both a great size, but my heart still hurts. In many ways I know what it's like to be where she is tonight and my heart hurts for her. I know she is scared. I know she is anxious. I know she is terrified. I know she is hurting. I know she wonders why. I know I can't protect her or change things. I know there is really nothing I can do, except pray. And so, I do. I pray and pray and pray. Please pray with me. Pray for this sweet mommy. Pray for her precious hubby. And pray for those two amazing little babies.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

I believe in true love.
I believe in brushing my teeth before I shower.

I believe in snuggling my baby girl at 2:00 in the morning.

 I believe in family.
 I believe in God.

I believe in wearing jeans as much as possible.

I believe in a cup of coffee every morning.

I believe in real Coke.

I belive in date night with my hubby.
I believe in Santa Claus  and the Easter Bunny and the Tooth Fairy.

I believe in prayers.

I believe in a good pair of heels.

I believe in rocking Morgan Kate before bed every night.

I believe that chocolate and shopping make most anything better.

I believe in wearing my PJs all day.

I believe in miracles. And I have witnessed them.

*Post inspired by Little Miss Momma.

Monday, October 17, 2011


I long to blog. I long to have time to sit down and really write. I long to write more than just updates. However, at the end of the day my longing to rest and sleep takes precedence. 

School Days
Morgan Kate LOVES preschool. She talks about all of her little friends and her teachers. She has learned so many new songs and blessings and stories. It's amazing. She comes home with the cutest artwork and stamps all over her little body. Mrs. Watson not only gives them stamps on their hands and arms, but their bellies as well. I love how much her teachers love her. It really has been so great for all of us! We have our very first parent-teacher conference next month. I'm so anxious to hear what her teachers have to say and a little nervous, too. I've always been on the "teacher side" of the conference, so this will be all new to me. 

MK has mastered the whole tee-tee thing. We never ask her if she needs to go, she just tells us. She's had maybe three accidents this entire time. Two while she was playing outside and one while she was with her Uncle Owens. And by the way, she did tell him she needed to go - he just didn't believe her. She does great through nap time and she's completely dry most mornings. Now, for that other business - the poo. No such luck. We've tried it all and nothing has worked. I am open to any tips, suggestions, tricks, bribes...whatever.

Sayings, Conversations, Prayers, Etc.
-After her bath each night she loves for Travis or I to wrap her up in her towel like a "rito". Also known as burrito. 
-Lately, whenever we ask her to do something, she will say (in the most sweetest voice I might add), "I don't want to." Argh. 
-She continues to pray daily for everyone we've ever met or come into contact with. Seriously. Even if she's met you only once, she's most likely prayed for you. So sweet.
-At school they sometimes have cheetos as a snack. She comes home from preschool singing and shaking her hips at the same time, "I want a cheeto. I want a cheeto." We just laugh.
-She thinks that Trenholm, whom she calls Dippin, is her uncle. And her favorite uncle at that. 

Hmmm. Not sure what to write here. We thought the end of the twos were a little rocky, but we've learned those late twos have nothing on threes. Nothing. We experience quite the range of emotions daily. Laughing, singing,  and just overall pleasantness to crying, whining (for hours) and kicking and screaming if she doesn't get her way. I just keep reminding myself that this is just a phase and it too shall pass. Right?!? When she's good, she's good, but when she's bad, wowzers, it's B.A.D. 

Even when she's throwing a tantrum and I'm at my wits end, I still have to bite my lip sometime to keep from laughing or smiling. She just absolutely melts my heart and I couldn't be more in love with her. Some days I go to bed just completely exhausted, but I find myself waking up around one or two wishing she would wake up and crawl into our bed. Oh, how I love my girl! 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Through the Years...

Sky Top 2009, 2010, 2011

When we made our first trip back in 2009 Morgan Kate wasn't walking yet and she measured right at two feet tall. By 2010 she was walking and talking and running and was right at 2 1/2 feet tall. This year she's into absolutely everything, I swear she acts like she's 13 sometimes, and she measured right at three feet tall.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sky Top

This past Saturday we made our third annual trip to Sky Top Orchard. It is one of my absolute favorite things to do in the fall. 
This little girl is pretty fond of our trips there as well.
This year was extra special because Kyle and Hunter were able to join us.
But also a little sad because Trenholm couldn't make the trip. No worries. Owens pretended she was there.

We started our day bright and early and stopped half way to Sky Top for a quick breakfast. Breakfast in any establishment with six adults and two toddlers always proves to be interesting. After a few jelly biscuits and hashbrowns we were on our way. One of the first things we did once we arrived, other than stop at the porta-potties, was have our picture taken. We've done this for the past three years and it's so much fun to look back and compare, or even laugh at what you used to look like. 
Of course we walked and walked and walked some more. We stopped to see the animals. 
We played on the swings while my daddy and Travis waited in line for almost an hour to get doughnuts.
These doughnuts. Apple and pumpkin. Pure heaven.
After a picnic lunch that consisted of Mathias chicken salad sandwiches and tomato, basil, feta pasta from the Gourmet Shop, we ventured into the orchard to pick apples.
Our first apple - an Arkansas Black apple. Sour and tough, but good.
While I thoroughly enjoy the swings and slides and hayride and picnic lunch, my most favorite part of each of our trips has become our time in the orchard. We usually go to the very end of the orchard where the Pink Ladies are, which Owens swears is on the Tennessee line, and we just sit. We laugh, we talk, we listen, we watch, we laugh some more and we just have fun.
And occasionally Owens poses. Nothing new.
Looking at the picture of everyone walking down the mountain just makes me laugh out loud. Kyle was complaining about pushing the stroller. Hunter wanted my mom. My mom was barefoot because her shoes were hurting her feet. Owens wanted to know how much further. Morgan Kate wanted Trav to go faster. It was chaos, but I loved every minute of it. My belly hurt from laughing so hard.
We did lots of laughing while in the orchard so I can't be 100% sure of what was so funny, but I am willing to bet that it was either - 1.) seeing Hunter roll down the hill a little or 2.) MK having a huge blow out once we finally did come to a stop.
It was such a beautiful day and the weather and scenery really lent itself to beautiful pictures.
Owens once again remembering Trenholm.
Kyle was quite the Baby Whisperer.
Morgan Kate ran and ran and ran some more. She picked apples and ate apples and even tossed a few apples, which is so totally against the rules. Thanks, Daddy.
This picture also makes me laugh out loud because Travis swore he was not carrying any apples back up the mountain. Instead, he was going to just buy some in the little store. Ha. The things he does for the women in his life.
It was just an overall fun, family day and I am already looking forward to next year. I jump at any chance to spend time with the people I love.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Some weeks my thoughts and words just flow. Other weeks they stop. Completely. Last week was a week where they came to a screeching halt. I had no desire to write. I had no inclination to sit at my computer. My mind and my heart were in other places, and when that happens my words are hard to find. My thoughts were and continue to be consumed with other people and their hurt, their loss, their worries. It seems that as we get older we should be better equipped to deal with things. We should be able to make sense of things and understand them. Unfortunately, that is not the case with me. The older I get, the more things don't make sense. The harder it is to understand and accept the things I can't wrap my brain around. 

Fortunately, I have this little wonder in my life. She does make sad days happier. Darker days brighter. And she does give me so many reasons to write.

Monday, October 3, 2011

In case you weren't aware, October is wedding month. We attended a wedding this weekend. We have another next weekend and another the following weekend. 

This weekend the wedding we attended was for dear, dear family friends - David and Haley. David, I have known my entire life. His parents used to live across the street from my grandmother and now live just a few blocks down from my parents. And his momma, Mrs. Jackie, happens to be one of my momma's BFFs and like my second momma. His dad was in my parent's wedding and his older brother, Michael, was in my wedding. Oh and total side note, but I'm going to be in Michael's wedding one day. We've already decided that I get to be a groomswoman. We've just got to find him a wife. A good one. Haley, I've also known for a really, really long time. Her daddy was the president of the company my mom worked at for 35 years. I'm older than Haley, but she and I always enjoyed playing with one another at "company" functions. Needless to say, the connections we had made this a very special wedding weekend. 

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night. My parents were there, as were Travis and I. MK had a spend the night party at Uncle Owens and Aunt Ninum's house. Her first time staying the night anywhere other than Kaka and Gator's. BIG DEAL. More on that in another post. It was the strangest feeling being somewhere with my parents but not having MK. The rehearsal dinner was beautiful and the food was delicious. I enjoyed every second of it and I especially enjoyed seeing these four ladies together.
These women are very near and dear to my heart: Mrs. Betty, Mrs. Jackie, Mrs. Phala and my mommy. I always love seeing my mom with her friends. She always has this huge smile and I know she is so happy. She has some of THE best friends. These women will do anything for her and she will do anything for them. And I mean anything. Trust me.

I'm always smiling and happy when I can spend time with my mom.
And this fellow makes me pretty darn happy, too.
The wedding was out of this world gorgeous. The ceremony and the reception were at Haley's parents' house. They have this amazing property and gorgeous old home. Just gorgeous. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too busy taking in the sights and shaking it on the dance floor. I told Travis afterward that I wanted to buy a bunch of land and a beautiful old home so that when MK got married she could have the ceremony and reception there. He agreed it was a great idea. Now we just have to find the money to do all of that. Ha!

I love weddings. I love celebrating the joining of two people. I love the calm and peaceful feeling I get during the ceremony. And of course I love the party afterward. As I was listening to the preacher yesterday I couldn't help but get all emotional and sentimental and all that good stuff. It's so easy to get caught up in life and not to appreciate your marriage or the love you have for your spouse. It's so easy to put others and other things first. Yesterday was an excellent reminder of what I do have. And I do have something pretty darn amazing. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little birthday fun.

This picture makes me laugh so hard.
Not only do we go "big" with birthdays, but MK's preschool does as well. Another reason this heart of mine is so happy. They bring out a special tablecloth, have a special snack, birthday hat, singing and the kiddos get to pick a present from the special box/basket. Since MK has a summer birthday, just like her momma, they celebrated her big day last Tuesday. 

Of course I wanted to make a special homemade snack for the class. I wanted to send in perfectly matching napkins and plates. I wanted to be there for the big event and take lots and lots of pictures. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world. I skipped the homemade snack and instead opted for Publix cupcakes (which are really better than mine anyway), Cheez-its and napkins I found on the party aisle. And I didn't get to be there. Heartbreaking, yes. My chest hurt all day because I wasn't able to be there and I felt like THE.WORST.MOMMY.IN.THE.HISTORY.OF.MOMMIES. I didn't want to take an entire day off because I never know when she is going to be sick or something is going to come up. And a half day wouldn't have left me any time to get there. However, our wonderful, terrific, amazing Roddey was there. And she took lots and lots of pictures and was able to tell me all about it. Missing moments like this makes my heart hurt. It makes me dream of my stay at home mom days. But, I'm also thankful that I have a job and that I am able to provide for my family in that way. You give and you get, I guess.

Speaking of preschool, MK LOVES preschool and she loves all of her little friends. She comes home singing songs, talking about her teachers and telling us all about her "fins". Just the other night we had this conversation:
Me: MK, who are some of your friends at school?
MK: Andrew, Ben....(thinking)
Me: Who else?
Me: And who else?
MK: Kaden.
Me: Anybody else?
MK: Ummm, no.
Me: Are there any girls in your class?
MK: Yes.
Me: Are they your friends?
MK: Mommy, I like boys. 
What am I supposed to with this?!?!?