Sunday, October 2, 2011

A little birthday fun.

This picture makes me laugh so hard.
Not only do we go "big" with birthdays, but MK's preschool does as well. Another reason this heart of mine is so happy. They bring out a special tablecloth, have a special snack, birthday hat, singing and the kiddos get to pick a present from the special box/basket. Since MK has a summer birthday, just like her momma, they celebrated her big day last Tuesday. 

Of course I wanted to make a special homemade snack for the class. I wanted to send in perfectly matching napkins and plates. I wanted to be there for the big event and take lots and lots of pictures. Unfortunately, it's not a perfect world. I skipped the homemade snack and instead opted for Publix cupcakes (which are really better than mine anyway), Cheez-its and napkins I found on the party aisle. And I didn't get to be there. Heartbreaking, yes. My chest hurt all day because I wasn't able to be there and I felt like THE.WORST.MOMMY.IN.THE.HISTORY.OF.MOMMIES. I didn't want to take an entire day off because I never know when she is going to be sick or something is going to come up. And a half day wouldn't have left me any time to get there. However, our wonderful, terrific, amazing Roddey was there. And she took lots and lots of pictures and was able to tell me all about it. Missing moments like this makes my heart hurt. It makes me dream of my stay at home mom days. But, I'm also thankful that I have a job and that I am able to provide for my family in that way. You give and you get, I guess.

Speaking of preschool, MK LOVES preschool and she loves all of her little friends. She comes home singing songs, talking about her teachers and telling us all about her "fins". Just the other night we had this conversation:
Me: MK, who are some of your friends at school?
MK: Andrew, Ben....(thinking)
Me: Who else?
Me: And who else?
MK: Kaden.
Me: Anybody else?
MK: Ummm, no.
Me: Are there any girls in your class?
MK: Yes.
Me: Are they your friends?
MK: Mommy, I like boys. 
What am I supposed to with this?!?!?


MJP said...

I love it! MK is so precious:)

Kelly Lee said...

Love it! What did daddy think about that?

Anonymous said...

Love MK! I bet Travis did not like that at all. It made me laugh. She is too CUTE!!