Monday, September 26, 2011

Football season always brings back fond memories of my college days. Raven and I, along with many others, including Travis, would tailgate all day, attend the game and then head "out" on the town. Much to Travis' dismay we would always end up at some "place" that offered loud music and dancing. Travis and others would mingle and chat while Raven and I rocked it out on the dance floor. 

A lot has changed since those days. We now tailgate at someone's house. We don't attend the games very often. We rarely are caught hitting up the town. And our dancing genes have apparently been passed on. Well, some of them. It's safe to say that Morgan Kate got Raven's dancing abilities (lots of rhythm) and Nolan got mine (slow to warm up). Ha! 

I apologize for 1.) the moving camera, 2.)the awful singing in the background, 3.)my terrible laugh and 4.)this really old song. However, I make no apologies for how hard these videos will make you laugh, especially this last one. Oh. My. Goodness. 


Kelly Lee said...

Both those videos made my day!! I'm still giggling. Morgan Kate is quite the dancer and Nolan was starting to get in his groove:) Too cute:)
PS. I wonder if MK will get her mom's love for singing too??
Love you!

Melissa and Sam said...


Raven said...

OMG I LOVE LOVE LOVE these videos! I so needed to crack up laughing on my lunch break today and this did just the trick! We had a blast together and need to do it again really soon. love Ya'll!

Kathy Hardison said...

I probably have watched those about a million times and each time you sound effects in the background are just as funny as the dance moves :) Loved it. I want more!!!!

Anonymous said...

So cute and funny! Love them! AP has those same Minnie Mouse pajamas :) Next year at this time AP and MK will be dancing for real....can't wait!


Kristen said...

These videos are great! Your giggling in the 1st one had me laughing more than the bebes' dance moves!!! Nolan was trying hard to keep up with MK, but I think she won the dance off!