Wednesday, August 29, 2012

It's Wednesday.

It's Wednesday. I promise not to start every post this way. Just trying to get back in my groove.

It's Wednesday and I'm sitting in my bed listening to MK and Trav over the baby monitor. Yes, we still use a baby monitor and our baby is four. We may use it until she is twenty-four. Despite my exhaustion, my face wears the biggest smile and my heart is total mush. I am listening to MK "read" Polar Bear, Polar Bear, What Do You Hear? She knows the book verbatim. And she's reading it like she's been reading for years. Our big girl.

It's Wednesday and I am SO thankful for my hubby. Thankful doesn't seem like a big enough word for all he does. He goes above and beyond pretty much every single day, but today he went above and beyond. Today, while I was at work, he played Mommy and Daddy and everything else. He started by getting MK dressed and taking her to preschool to meet her new teachers. He even remembered to put her bow in her hair. After "meet the teacher", he then took MK for her four year old well visit. He not only took my list of questions, but got answers to all of them and sat through FOUR shots. FOUR. And after all of that he went grocery shopping with the detailed list and my pink pen in hand. He's pretty amazing. 

It's Wednesday and my heart is content. MK loved her new teachers and was not happy about leaving when it was time to go. My girl hates goodbyes. And she loves school. Happy momma.

It's Wednesday and I'm happy to report that MK's four year old well visit was awesome. Per Trav. MK weighed 32 pounds and was 38.5 inches tall. She was in the 50th percentile for both height and weight. Woo hoo! First time ever that she's been on the chart for weight. Dr. G said she looks awesome, other than an infected ear. I get the award for "Awful Mommy Who Never Knows Their Child Has An Ear Infection". Gosh. Trav talked with her some about our "schooling questions" and she gave great answers. All in all, despite the four shots, it was a great visit. I hated to miss it. Seriously. I love well visits with Dr. G because she's so patient and so thorough and we talk about EVERYTHING. I know I would have asked her like a million questions.

It's Wednesday and I'm exhausted. I've been in bed every night this week by 8 and asleep by 9. Makes for one rested teacher and momma and wife. 

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

It's Tuesday. And other fun facts.

It's Tuesday. 

I've been back at work for two weeks. 

Tonight I have curriculum night at my school. Tonight MK has parent orientation at her school. I'll be at one, Travis at the other. MK will be somewhere. Still figuring all of that out.

MK starts school this week and dance next week.

This is my third year back at work since having MK and it just never seems any easier. Emotionally I am in a better place, but physically I just can't get it all together. Will I ever find balance? My to-do list is never ending and I just don't have the energy to accomplish any of it. How did my mom do it with three children and a husband who worked out of town?!?

Labor Day is this coming Monday and I am THRILLED to already have a day off.

Last week Travis and I averaged 4-5 hours of sleep a night. This week we are planning to double that average. 

Two of our closest neighbors are moving in the next few weeks. My heart is happy for them, but sad for us. We've lived near these people for over seven years. We share tools and bottles of ketchup. We hang out on each other's porches and discuss how to achieve world peace. We have keys and garage codes and take care of one another's pets. It's going to be hard.

I am so thankful for close friends who have helped us out while Roddey is on maternity leave. Speaking of Roddey. Next week we go back!! Woo hoo!! We.!!

It's Tuesday. What are you up to?

Monday, August 27, 2012

Life lately via phone pics.

One of our last days of summer. Oh, how I miss thee.
 My awesome fifth grade team. Each year during our inservice days we have a huge "teacher pep really" where all of the teachers in our district (elementary, middle and high) come together. We all wear our "school t-shirts" and there's a "roll call" where we all stand up and scream like maniacs. 
 During our inservice days we also eat really yummy lunches off campus - a total luxury for teachers who have to spend lunch time in the cafeteria every day during the school year.
 I don't think I've mentioned it, but our sweet Roddey had her second beautiful baby girl, precious Sunni, over the summer and she is out on maternity leave. We've had to make other arrangements for MK for a few weeks. During my first week back at work Holly came over to keep MK. Such a blessing! During the day she and MK sent me pictures like this. Melt my heart.
 Of course we celebrated my birthday. One of my sweet besties forgot to call me on my actual birthday, but sent me the most delicious Edible Arrangement. Oh.My.Word. She can forget my birthday any year. 
 My darling hubby (insert sarcasm) and sweet brother (more sarcasm) thought it would be so funny to order me a birthday cake with my picture on it. They used one of THE worst pictures ever. No worries - I've got pictures and they too have birthdays.
 My team at school got me a birthday cake, Mom and MK made me one and Trav ordered one. It was sweet central around our house. 
 Owens and Trenholm had us over for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Absolutely delicious.
 We had a "European style" dinner and MK felt like she was in on it because she had her crackers, cheese and meat (also known as a Lunchable).
 Trenholm made homemade french onion soup and made one of her fabulous salads.
 MK celebrated her birthday a week later. The BIG 4!
 Trav and I got her a play set.
 Trav wins "Daddy of the Year Award"!
 Morgan Kate LOVES the play set!
 The big 4 year old in a pair of her new jammies.
 I, along with Lola, have been enjoying the weekends just a little more lately.
 Fun in the backyard.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dear Morgan Kate,

Friday you turned FOUR. Four years old. I'm pretty sure I start all of your birthday letters the same way - astonished at the fact that you are another year older. This past week has been crazy. Between starting back to school, your Daddy working hard to complete your birthday present, planning your celebration and just life in general, I'm just now getting around to writing this letter. It's better that way though. Right now I'm sitting on the back porch, sipping coffee and reflecting on this past year and you and us.

You haven't been a "baby" for quite some time now, but even just last year I could still cling to the fact that you weren't 100% potty trained (you became 100% just days after your 3rd birthday, completely potty trained during the day and night). That little tiny piece actually in some crazy way felt comforting because it kept you a "baby" or at least in my head it did. This year you are all big girl. 

You go for your well visit this week, so after Wednesday we will know more about your height and weight as a four year old. You are wearing mostly 3Ts and some fours. Occasionally you still fit in some 2T clothes. Height wise you need much larger, but your teeny tiny waist doesn't allow for it. The fall and winter are going to be hard in regards to pants. Your shoe size is a 7/8. You aren't really a shoe girl, so you only have about four pairs that actually fit and out of those four there are about two that you really like wearing. Your shoes of choice at this moment are your rain boots or your flip flops. You are so your mommy's girl. 

You talk all.of.the.time. You ask so many questions and lately you are really into what words mean. I can just see your brain working. You do so much thinking, really deep thinking. It blows me away. And you have an amazing memory. Amazing. Thank goodness you do because lately my memory seems to have stopped working.

You are such a girly girl and a tomboy at the same time. It's the perfect combination. You love anything pink. You love playing with your babies and stuffed animals. You play dress up almost You like drawing and painting and putting puzzles together. You love reading. You enjoy having us read to you, but you also love to read stories to your babies. You love watching cartoons - your favorite at this moment is Tom and Jerry. And while you love so many indoor activities, you LOVE being outside as well. You love kicking and throwing a ball. You love running and jumping and exploring. You love riding the 4 wheeler and going for boat rides. Your birthday gift from Mommy and Daddy was a play set and you are having a ball on it. You once had a love for all things BUGS, but lately you seem to be a little frightened by them.

You know all of your colors. You can count to twenty, maybe further, we usually just stop at twenty. You know your ABCs and pronounce all of the letters correctly, even that whole LMNOP thing that used to always get me. You can visually point out a few letters and a few numbers. There are many books in your collection that you have memorized and can actually read to us. It's crazy! You have really great conversations with us and you know a lot about so many things. You are starting school this week. Even though you are four, you are enrolled to be in the 3 year old classroom at school. Mommy and Daddy are still trying to decide what to do about school for you. Technically you could start kindergarten next year, but you would be the absolute youngest in your class. If you had been born just one week later, you would be in a completely different grade level. Anywho, it's a decision your daddy and I don't take lightly and something that we still have to really consider. Until then, we are going with what we feel most comfortable with and that is to have you in the 3s this year. 

You are such a snuggler and so loving. You are so kind and think of everyone. When you are saying your prayers at night you thank God for everyone and everything. You are compassionate and have such a big heart. You are empathetic and if someone looks different or acts different you politely whisper and ask one of us about it. I love that about you. You tell us you love us all of the time and you often say thing like, "Mommy, you are so beautiful" or "Daddy, you are the best daddy ever".

While you are super sweet almost 98% of the time, you do have a little feisty, impatient side. Again, you are your mommy's child. You want 110% attention all of the time and when you don't get it, you get upset. You can be a little sassy at times and you want us to play with you constantly. When we can't, you usually pitch a fit. You are doing much better in restaurants as far as sitting still and actually eating, but you hate shopping. We have GOT to work on this. You hate riding in the buggy and when I do let you down you run and hide and want everything in the store. This past Christmas we really struggled with bedtime behavior, but we seem to have worked that out. You now have a little routine and most nights you go to bed without a fuss and sleep a solid 12 hours. 

Morgan Kate, you are the light of our lives. Our everything and we love you so, so much. I still get all emotional just watching you. You melt my heart and make me the biggest mush. I tried really hard this year not to play the "back in 2008" game and for the most part I did really good, but on your actual birthday my mind really seemed to just stay there and emotionally I was a wreck. I think I held it in pretty good though. I kept my self busy so that I didn't have time to just break down. I think the tears and emotional stuff now is not so much what happened on that day in 2008, but how thankful I am for what is NOW - who you are and what you have become despite your extremely premature birth. You are my absolute miracle. Even when you are 62 years old, you will still be MY MIRACLE. 

I love you so big, baby girl. Thank you for loving me.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

32. Ramblings.

Today I am 32. 32 seems so different than 30 or even 31. This birthday has been harder for me than turning the BIG 3-0. 

I can vividly remember my mom being 32. I don't remember her being 27 or 29 or 31, but I do remember 32. I don't remember 33 or 34 necessarily, but I remember 32. I remember the way she dressed when she was 32. And how she styled her hair. I remember what our house looked like when my mom was 32 and what I looked like. At 32 my mom had three children. At 32 my mom lost her dad. 32 was a big year for her and apparently a big year for me since I still remember it so clearly.

I have felt so much love today. This morning my hubby and baby girl sang happy birthday and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. What's sweeter than hearing a three year old sing happy birthday?!? The only thing I can think of is maybe both of my grandmothers calling and singing on my voicemail. Love. My mom was the first person, other than Trav, to wish me a happy birthday and then throughout the day I received countless texts and messages and calls wishing me happiness. We had professional development ALL.DAY.LONG. and so many sweet, sweet friends came over to wish me a great day. During our lunch break, my team went out for lunch (Mexican) and also surprised me with a cookie cake. Yum. 

This afternoon/evening has been slightly different than expected. I came home to a hubby with some sort of stomach bug who's been in bed all evening. And then my baby girl left for two nights with my parents. Woe is me, right?!? Ha! Now I'm all alone on the couch watching Lifetime and blogging. Two brights spots amongst all of this: 1) My mom showed up with beautiful flowers and 2) My daddy showed up with boiled peanuts. 

Here's hoping for a better attitude about 32 tomorrow and a hubby who is 100%. He owes me a dinner. Ha!

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

Today is the day. The day I have to say goodbye. 

Goodbye to you.

Goodbye to late nights reading blogs or watching Law and Order SVU marathons.

Goodbye to no alarm and only waking up to the voice of my precious, almost four year old. 

Goodbye to mornings of snuggles and the Today Show and Franklin.

Goodbye to play dates and lunches with family and friends.

Goodbye to kisses and hugs from my girl

Goodbye to naps and countless lake trips.

Goodbye to no schedule and setting our own agenda.

There are so many things I will miss about you, but the thing I will miss most  is the time with my baby girl, who really isn't a baby anymore at all. I will miss her so much. Each year, as I say goodbye to you, I watch my girl turn a year older. While there are so many happy things about watching her grow and change and turn a year older, it's also a reminder of how fast it all goes and how my baby girl is growing up entirely too fast for me to comprehend. Time.Slow.Down.Please.

While there is so much to say goodbye to, there is also so much to say hello to.

Hello to mornings with my hubby. I have missed you.

Hello to getting back into a routine.

Hello to co-workers I haven't seen all summer.

Hello to a new set of students who I am so excited to meet.

Hello to my baby girl returning to school and dance and friends.

Hello to fall and football and crunchy leaves.

While it pains me to say goodbye, I know you will return. I am already counting down the days.

Until then,
Your #1 Fan 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Last of our summer fun via phone pics.

1. Lunch with Uncle O
Melt my heart.
2. Lazy days at home.
 3. A little redecorating.
 4. Feeding giraffes

 5. A little fun with Annie Parker and Mac at the zoo
 6. Some baking. Homemade banana muffins. Yum.
 7. Strange bugs on the back porch.
 8. Fun lunch and afternoon with Mama Jean and Kaka

It's been THE best summer!

Friday, August 10, 2012

More summer fun via pics.

1. Sleeping in continues, however, I know that "Back to School and Alarm Clock" bootcamp needs to start ASAP. This girl knows how to sleep in. 
2. Home cooked lunch at Mama Jean's. Wowzers.
3. Sweet moments with Mama Jean
4. A few days at Kaka's
5. Breakfast with this sweet boy
6. Lunch at one of my favorite places in Orangeburg
7. Smiles from this little boy
8. Playing and eating lunch with Annie Parker and Mac. So sweet.
9. Naps on the boat
10. Snuggling whenever we want
11. Baby love. Trav loving on Baby Evan.
12. Dinner and playing with beautiful baby Emirie.
13. Full moons

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Coffee Date.

Good morning!

Today we can actually have a true coffee date, unlike last time, because I'm actually up and moving in what most people consider "morning" time. I'm trying to prepare myself for the alarm clock next week.

Today we'd probably be sitting on my couch rather than outside. It's so hot here and I never seem to be able to cool off. Right now, at this very moment, it's the coolest it's going to be all day in my house. I'd like to sit inside, curl up on either end of the couch and just chat. Oh, and of course I'd grab us a cup of coffee.

I'd probably start by telling you that I go back to work in six days. Six short days. Ugh. Where did our summer go? Actually, it's probably not fair that I say that. June really did feel like summer and it really did seem to last. June was terrific. And while July was terrific in many different ways, it definitely flew by. One day it was July 1st and the next it was August. 

I would tell you how I'm looking forward to going back to work and seeing "my people" and meeting my new "babies". I'm also looking forward to getting back into a routine and on a better schedule. BUT, I am dreading, absolutely dreading, the alarm clock and early wake up time. I am dreading the hustle and bustle that comes with both parents working full time and the feeling that I can never catch up. And I am ESPECIALLY dreading the thought of not being with my girl all day long. Breaks. My. Heart.

While we were on the topic of my girl, I would tell you that my girl is a mess. She has given me a run for my money this summer. She can be the absolute sweetest thing in this whole wide world and then turn around and be just an absolute handful. When I sit and think about it, because I do a lot, it's times like summer and Christmas break that she tests me the most and I think it's because we aren't in a routine, we don't have a schedule and I really do think she's just bored. I also think she's testing her momma. She's not crazy about bedtime (last time that occurred was over Christmast break), she fights naps or "rest time" as she refers to it, she's gotten super sassy and she could win an Oscar for whining. Seriously. In recent weeks I have been so overwhelmed and so frustrated. I want to know what to do and how to handle her when she acts that way, but I really have no clue. I try to be patient and consistent, but it doesn't always work out for me. And when it doesn't work out, then I am not so patient. And that's not pretty either. Just minutes after she has a "moment", she will apologize and say in her sweetest voice, "I sorry, Mommy. Will you forgive me?" Then she will crawl up in my lap or beg for me to hold her and all she wants to do is snuggle. It's like a roller coaster. And I prefer the ups, not the crashing down part. The days that we have been busy with play dates or dance camps or swimming lessons, with a reasonable wake up time, she has been so pleasant and so easy and has napped so well. It's the days we don't have much to do, which I love, that seem to bring out the other side of her. 

I would also tell you that she is just growing and changing so much and it amazes her daddy and I every single day. She picks up on everything that people say and do. And she asks so many questions. SO. MANY. She uses words, correctly, and then will ask me what those words mean, as if she doubts herself. She has an excellent vocabulary and uses words that I would not expect her to use at almost four years old. She is so smart and I just shake my head some days because I'm not sure what we are going to do when she's a teenager. She listens to everything, which is funny because she doesn't listen to everything at the same time. Ha. Sometimes you think she isn't listening or paying attention to your conversation and then hours later she will ask you about what you said. 

We would then talk about your kiddos or your family or your job or really whatever you wanted to talk about.

We would probably also talk about how it's August and how August makes me super emotional. I say this every year. Sorry. Anything and I mean anything can make me tear up in an instance. August brings my birthday, the start of school and MK's birthday. Getting a year older can make anyone emotional. The anxiety of school starting back and life in the fast lane can make me a bit of a wreck. But, it's mostly my girl's birthday and her actual birth that make me the biggest mess. It's hard not to relive those days back in August of 2008. And the even crazier part, the last time the Olympics were on was when I was pregnant and in the hospital with MK. She was born on the closing day of the 2008 Olympics. Therefore, even watching the Olympics, can cause me to reminisce or get a little teary-eyed. I am hoping and praying that with each passing year I will get better with all of this, but so far, no luck.

I would probably want to change the subject and talk about something not-so-serious, so we might talk about my organization obsession. I would tell you that I have organized every closet, drawer, cabinet and room in this entire house. (Remember, my house is the size of a shoe box so it's manageable.) Seriously though, I started the very first week of summer and I was finished before our beach trip. I love when everything has a "home" and I can find things easily. Heaven.

Then I would tell you how I have LOVED our coffee date and enjoyed every bit of our adult conversation, BUT my days with just my girl are limited and I still have lots of loving and snuggling left to do. 

Until next time. Which might not be until at least Christmas break or so. Ha!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Summer via pictures cont.

1. Dog days of summer. Lola will seriously sleep ALL DAY in our bed. 
2. Road trips
3. Celebrating Trav's birthday
4. Swimming. MK has become quite the little fish.
5. Several trips to Charleston
6. Tasty drinks
7. Brunch at Caroline's

8. Time with Kaka
9. Views like this
10. Relaxing with Daddy
11. Smiles and fun times