Monday, August 27, 2012

Life lately via phone pics.

One of our last days of summer. Oh, how I miss thee.
 My awesome fifth grade team. Each year during our inservice days we have a huge "teacher pep really" where all of the teachers in our district (elementary, middle and high) come together. We all wear our "school t-shirts" and there's a "roll call" where we all stand up and scream like maniacs. 
 During our inservice days we also eat really yummy lunches off campus - a total luxury for teachers who have to spend lunch time in the cafeteria every day during the school year.
 I don't think I've mentioned it, but our sweet Roddey had her second beautiful baby girl, precious Sunni, over the summer and she is out on maternity leave. We've had to make other arrangements for MK for a few weeks. During my first week back at work Holly came over to keep MK. Such a blessing! During the day she and MK sent me pictures like this. Melt my heart.
 Of course we celebrated my birthday. One of my sweet besties forgot to call me on my actual birthday, but sent me the most delicious Edible Arrangement. Oh.My.Word. She can forget my birthday any year. 
 My darling hubby (insert sarcasm) and sweet brother (more sarcasm) thought it would be so funny to order me a birthday cake with my picture on it. They used one of THE worst pictures ever. No worries - I've got pictures and they too have birthdays.
 My team at school got me a birthday cake, Mom and MK made me one and Trav ordered one. It was sweet central around our house. 
 Owens and Trenholm had us over for dinner to celebrate my birthday. Absolutely delicious.
 We had a "European style" dinner and MK felt like she was in on it because she had her crackers, cheese and meat (also known as a Lunchable).
 Trenholm made homemade french onion soup and made one of her fabulous salads.
 MK celebrated her birthday a week later. The BIG 4!
 Trav and I got her a play set.
 Trav wins "Daddy of the Year Award"!
 Morgan Kate LOVES the play set!
 The big 4 year old in a pair of her new jammies.
 I, along with Lola, have been enjoying the weekends just a little more lately.
 Fun in the backyard.

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