Monday, February 24, 2014

February in Pictures.

February is flying by. Can't say that I'm too sad about that. I am aching for spring. Warm weather. Sunshine. Boating. White jeans. I. Can't. Wait.

February has been a very full month for us.

On Valentine's Day, MK and I had a day off because of all the snow. We took full advantage of our day with no plans and headed over to Melissa and Sam's to meet Baby William.
As usual, MK was in heaven holding William. She is quite the pro.
We came home later that afternoon for Valentine's night with Travis. We kept it simple by staying at home and grilling steaks. A favorite for all of us. My sweet hubby had chocolate covered strawberries delivered. Another favorite. 

Side note, here. Those strawberries were originally delivered to my school because we were supposed to be there. And then it snowed and we weren't there. Travis was worried that I wouldn't get them and he had another order shipped to our house the following day. BUT, we got the initial order as well, because the AWESOME UPS driver for my school saw my number on the order and called to say he had it and didn't want to leave it at the school. He asked where I lived and said he had another order out that way and would bring it then. So, at 8:00 pm on Valentine's night, that sweet, sweet man delivered my strawberries. How awesome is that?!? How awesome is he?!?
That same weekend we headed to Orangeburg to spend some time with my parents, Owens, and this little guy. 
Oh. My. Heavens. He is THE sweetest. I could just eat him. MK and I literally fought over him all afternoon.
One week it was below freezing and inches of snow on the ground, and the very next week it was in the high 60s. Craziness. Typical South Carolina weather. We took full advantage of the weather and went with MK on a scooter ride. The thing is, MK didn't ride the scooter, her daddy did. MK was more interested in walking Lola. 
This past weekend we went to see Darius Rucker with some friends. As usual, a large time was had by all. 
James and Travis were our little twinsies. And you know I couldn't let an opportunity like that pass without a picture. 
The girls didn't dress alike. Ha!
It was so much fun and so many of our friends were there. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone. Maybe next time.
Today MK had Donuts for Dads and Granddads at her school. She was so excited that her daddy and Gator were going to be there. 
This picture of Trav and MK cracks me up. This is how she hugs him ALL the time. Even when she's just snuggling with him - she has her arms wrapped around him just like that. Sweetest thing!
I know this next picture is not the best, but it is too cute! Something we will always treasure.
It says…
My daddy is 40 years old. (He's not.)
He weighs 40 pounds and is 7 feet tall.
His hair is black and his eyes are blue.
He loves to cook steaks with sauce and catfish stew. (Very true.)
His favorite household chore is just relaxing.
He is favorite TV show is watching the Gamecocks and his favorite song is Disco. (Never heard that song.)
Daddy always tells me he loves me.
It makes him happy when I give him a hug.
When my dad shops, he likes to buy stuff for the boat. (Yes, he does!)
If he could go on a trip, he'd go to the lake. (Sure thing!)
I really love it when my dad plays soccer with me.
February has been a lot of fun! Can't wait to see what's still in store for us.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Snow Part II

Two weeks ago our area braced itself for what we affectionally called Snowstorm 2014. Little did we know, that the weather then was only a tease. A warm up. A practice round. Snowstorm 2014 would really arrive and set in exactly two weeks later. 
Our last weather episode got us an early release, a day off, and a delay from school. And while we all loved seeing and playing in the white stuff, we were ready to bid it farewell and move right into spring. Ha. Not so much. Mother Nature had other plans. And those plans included more white stuff and ICE.
This go round, we had heard the weather reports, but I think many people, or at least me (probably just me), doubted that we would really see anything again. I mean, come on?!? We rarely ever see snow, so to have it twice in the same year, within two weeks - I was highly doubtful.
Tuesday morning, by the time I headed out to work, the precipitation had already started, but it was only rain, maybe a little sleet. By 9:00am or so the snow began. Big, gigantic flakes. Maybe the largest flakes I've seen. Seriously.

The children at school were beside themselves. Snow?!? While at school?!? That's just not how it's supposed to happen. We did have to end up taking a small break so that they could at least run outside and experience it.
By 11:00 or so there was some accumulation, and it wasn't long after that they we got the all call - dismissal at 1:00. More excitement.
Dismissal went pretty smoothly, but it was snowing hard by that point and just the overall excitement/anxiousness of the students, parents and staff, made it interesting.
After all students had been dismissed, we got the go ahead to leave and I headed to grab my little one. The roads were okay at that point. I picked MK up and we headed home to bunker down. Still all the while thinking that we'd most likely have Wednesday off, but surely we'd be back to school by Thursday.
Wednesday morning we woke up to the biggest flakes and our yard was completely white. Schools and businesses everywhere were closed. It snowed for quite some time and then the sleet started. Our area probably got at least two inches of sleet. Roads were awful. Our governor declared a State of Emergency and everyone was encouraged to stay home. We of course took the advice, but did have to take a little ride on the 4wheeler. It was SO cold!
The main roads in front of our neighborhood were terrible. Thankfully we only saw one person out driving.
We got lots of sleet/snow and freezing rain most of the day Wednesday. It wasn't the fun, soft snow you could play in, so that meant a lot of time inside. We made bracelets, we made Valentines, we cut out hearts, we baked cookies, we ate and ate and ate, and some of us even took naps.
 By last night, things had settled down and we all felt like the storm was over.
This morning brought more snow! I'm not sure when South Carolina has last seen three days of snow. It's pretty crazy for us!
As I was typing this earlier today, we lost power. Yikes! We had been fine up until that point. Lights, warmth, food - everything we needed. We did still have warmth (gas logs) though and that's more than a lot of people had/have right now.
The snow/sleet/freezing rain is now over and hopefully life will resume to normal in the South.
Until then, I'm grabbing a warm blanket and enjoying having nothing to do and nowhere to go. 

Monday, February 10, 2014


My girl is not a shopper. Not yet anyway. We have THE hardest time while out shopping. If I let her walk, which she prefers, then she's either grabbing everything, walking into things because she's so distracted or she's hiding in the clothes. It's crazy because she's usually pretty easy, regardless of where we go or what we do, but shopping is just not her thing. I prefer that she sit in a buggy. And I'm not above giving her my phone to keep her "occupied" so that I can get a few things done. Just this past Thursday she and I ran into my favorite, TJ Maxx, and days later I find pictures like this on my phone. It makes me smile.
Saturday morning we went to Soda City downtown. We've been wanting to go for quite some time, but just haven't gotten around to it. This Saturday we had extra incentive because one of our buddies, Rita, was down there with her family and they were selling their Indian food. Oh.My.Heavens. I could eat that food all day, every day. It was SO good. 
After our morning at Soda City, we headed to Little Mountain to visit an antique store. Well, we thought it was a store. It's actually an antique mall and you need like a week to really go through everything. We were in heaven.

While we were there I noticed these green dessert glasses. My parents have this entire set - dessert glasses, tea/water glasses, etc. These scream 1970s and I love them. One of my favorite childhood memories was my mom serving us chocolate pudding with cool whip in one of these fancy dishes. We thought we were something else!
There was a little cafe on the lower level of the antique mall. MK wasn't too keen on the Indian food we had earlier, so we stopped at the cafe and got her a grilled cheese. The mall was celebrating an anniversary of some sort and had free food set out and a band playing. It was so neat. 
Morgan Kate did pretty well while we were there. And we were there for a long time. I mean she had a hard time keeping her hands to herself, but hey, so did I. 

Morgan Kate is really into tea sets. She must have six of them and she always wants more. I think it's kind of neat. Saturday, while at the antique mall, she found this teeny tiny tea set and of course she wanted it. I couldn't resist. It was SO cute and it was $8. I might have used it as bribery.
Sunday afternoon, she set it up in her playhouse and had a tea party, complete with pieces of a granola bar, with her imaginary friends. 
This week more of that ice/snow/sleet stuff is headed our way and I'm not happy. Don't get me wrong, I love the beauty of snow and winter, but I do not love making up all of these days and all of this time. We found out Friday that not only do we have to make up our snow day, but now we (meaning faculty and staff) have to make up all of our delay hours and early release hours. Ugh.
I'm trying to stay optimistic. I guess ice/snow/sleet might mean another snuggly day at home with my family. And if that's the case, then I'll gladly make up the day- it's totally worth it.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Full weekend. Full heart.

This past weekend was full. Full of things to do. Full of family and friends. Full of laughter and fun. 

Our weekend started Friday night when we met some of our "old neighbors" out for dinner. Jonathan and Emirie came to our house prior to dinner to hang out with Travis and MK. The wives were running errands and such. Our girls picked up with one another like it had just been yesterday. So precious. We then headed out to one of our mutual favorites - Mexicano. Delish!
Saturday morning Raven and I threw a baby shower for Melissa. Melissa is expecting #2 - baby boy William - in the next two weeks or so. Everyone gathered at my house for all things blue. We got to visit with family and friends we hadn't seen in quite some time. One special visit was from Julie and her precious little girl, Hannah. Another special visitor was Mrs. Kathy. Growing up, Mrs. Kathy lived next next door to us. Her youngest and my baby brother are the same age. I always had the best time talking with her and visiting at her house. She and my mom were dear, dear friends. She later moved and started teaching at the same school and in the same grade as Melissa. Small world. My mom and Mama Jean also came up for the shower and it was so nice to spend some time with them too. My mom is ALWAYS giving parties for other people or helping people with parties, always. She had asked earlier in the week if I needed help getting ready for Melissa's shower. While I don't usually turn down her help, I did this time. It wasn't because I couldn't have used her help, but I just wanted her to be able to come and enjoy a party and not feel like she was the one doing or giving. I just wanted her to be able to be a guest and relax. I hope that she did. 

After the shower, I joked with Raven about quitting our jobs and becoming party planners. We always have so much fun planning and doing and it's always so easy when the two of us work together. 
Saturday night after our full morning, my little family of three had the pleasure of keeping Loitton while  Owens and Trenholm had a little night out. We were so excited! I looked forward to this all week long.
We were all in heaven. He is THE sweetest and cutest thing.
Morgan Kate is head over heels about this little fella. She prays every single day and night for God to send her a baby sister. She's prayed for this for a solid year or more (no exaggeration) and when I mention that sometimes God sends brothers or sometimes God doesn't send babies at all, he sometimes sends new pets, she has stuck to her guns and only prayed for a sister. Well, after baby Loitton's arrival and her Uncle Owens convincing her that Loitton needs a buddy, she has changed her tune and now she prays for a brother instead of a sister. 
I must admit, I grew up with two younger brothers, but I'm still not really sure about what you do with boys. I'm in total girl mode - all day long. However, it didn't take very long, maybe five minutes, before I figured it all out. Or at least most of it.
Loitton was so easy. He ate, smiled a little, slept a little, burped a little, ate some more and went back to sleep.
And he smelled so good. Oh.My.Goodness. 
We were so lucky because not only did we get to keep Loitton for several hours, but they all - Owens, Trenholm and Loitton - spent Saturday night with us. Loitton slept from 9:30 - 5:30. First time ever! Must be something about Aunt Heather's house. We woke up Sunday morning and had a big breakfast. We laughed, we visited, and I loved on that sweet baby boy even more.
Sunday night we went over to a friend's house for the Super Bowl. We had the yummiest of foods and MK had such a good time playing with all of her little friends. We had a great time there, even if the Broncos lost the game. 

Needless to say, our weekend was full. And we wouldn't have it any other way. It was a weekend that leaves your heart feeling like it might burst. 

On a side note, at one point this weekend, Miss Priss had to spend some time in timeout. Our timeout "spot" happens to be in our hallway, in a corner. Well, while she was supposed to be sitting, I walked by and found her doing a little gymnastics. Never a dull moment around here!