Monday, February 24, 2014

February in Pictures.

February is flying by. Can't say that I'm too sad about that. I am aching for spring. Warm weather. Sunshine. Boating. White jeans. I. Can't. Wait.

February has been a very full month for us.

On Valentine's Day, MK and I had a day off because of all the snow. We took full advantage of our day with no plans and headed over to Melissa and Sam's to meet Baby William.
As usual, MK was in heaven holding William. She is quite the pro.
We came home later that afternoon for Valentine's night with Travis. We kept it simple by staying at home and grilling steaks. A favorite for all of us. My sweet hubby had chocolate covered strawberries delivered. Another favorite. 

Side note, here. Those strawberries were originally delivered to my school because we were supposed to be there. And then it snowed and we weren't there. Travis was worried that I wouldn't get them and he had another order shipped to our house the following day. BUT, we got the initial order as well, because the AWESOME UPS driver for my school saw my number on the order and called to say he had it and didn't want to leave it at the school. He asked where I lived and said he had another order out that way and would bring it then. So, at 8:00 pm on Valentine's night, that sweet, sweet man delivered my strawberries. How awesome is that?!? How awesome is he?!?
That same weekend we headed to Orangeburg to spend some time with my parents, Owens, and this little guy. 
Oh. My. Heavens. He is THE sweetest. I could just eat him. MK and I literally fought over him all afternoon.
One week it was below freezing and inches of snow on the ground, and the very next week it was in the high 60s. Craziness. Typical South Carolina weather. We took full advantage of the weather and went with MK on a scooter ride. The thing is, MK didn't ride the scooter, her daddy did. MK was more interested in walking Lola. 
This past weekend we went to see Darius Rucker with some friends. As usual, a large time was had by all. 
James and Travis were our little twinsies. And you know I couldn't let an opportunity like that pass without a picture. 
The girls didn't dress alike. Ha!
It was so much fun and so many of our friends were there. It was so much fun hanging out with everyone. Unfortunately, I didn't get pictures of everyone. Maybe next time.
Today MK had Donuts for Dads and Granddads at her school. She was so excited that her daddy and Gator were going to be there. 
This picture of Trav and MK cracks me up. This is how she hugs him ALL the time. Even when she's just snuggling with him - she has her arms wrapped around him just like that. Sweetest thing!
I know this next picture is not the best, but it is too cute! Something we will always treasure.
It says…
My daddy is 40 years old. (He's not.)
He weighs 40 pounds and is 7 feet tall.
His hair is black and his eyes are blue.
He loves to cook steaks with sauce and catfish stew. (Very true.)
His favorite household chore is just relaxing.
He is favorite TV show is watching the Gamecocks and his favorite song is Disco. (Never heard that song.)
Daddy always tells me he loves me.
It makes him happy when I give him a hug.
When my dad shops, he likes to buy stuff for the boat. (Yes, he does!)
If he could go on a trip, he'd go to the lake. (Sure thing!)
I really love it when my dad plays soccer with me.
February has been a lot of fun! Can't wait to see what's still in store for us.


Anonymous said...

Another conference!

Kathy Hardison said...

They do seem to have alot of "conferences" I enjoy them :)