Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Snow 2014.

It's been over three years since our area has seen the white stuff. Morgan Kate was about two and a half at that time and while she liked the snow, I don't think she totally "got it" or appreciated it.
Around the middle of last week, yes last week, our local meteorologists started teasing us with a snow forecast. I don't ever believe until I actually see it, but by late Monday afternoon many school and businesses began closing and the grocery stores were empty.
My school district was one of three or four actually still on for Tuesday. I'll admit I was a little frustrated, but Tuesday morning came and went and there was still no snow. Thank goodness we did make it to school. We were dismissed at 11:00 because the "wintery mix" was supposed to make its debut at lunch time. Lunch came and went, no snow.
The weather guys assured us that it was indeed still coming, but would be later in the day. We waited. And waited and waited. Even Morgan Kate began to doubt that it might actually happen.
Finally, around 7:30 Tuesday evening, Snowstorm 2014 arrived. It began as sleet, and then slowly, but surely, turned to powdery, white snow.
We were all so excited. Morgan Kate was beside herself. She had waited all day and it was finally here, so we bundled up and enjoyed a little evening snow. I could've watched her for hours.
She was so giddy. But let's be honest, we were all giddy. Not long after the snow started our district posted that schools would be closed Wednesday.
It snowed late into the night and this morning we woke up to at least two inches, maybe a little more. Now, I realize for my Northern friends that seems like a light dusting, but it's a really big deal around here. Last night I turned off all of the lights in the house and turned on all of the lights outside and just watched the snow fall. It was so peaceful and quiet. Everything was still.
Today we got to sleep in, sip coffee and enjoy a nice fire. Once MK woke up she wanted to head straight outside. We had set a bowl out over night, so before we did anything, we made snow cream. Yummy! MK said it tasted like ice cream from Chick-fil-A.
We spent the day alternating between outside for about twenty minutes and then inside by the fire. 
Shortly before lunch we decided to venture out and take a four wheeler ride. It was so fun, but so cold. We nearly froze. After our ride, we headed in for a big bowl of soup. I love days at home.
MK is napping as we speak. Playing in the snow is hard work. Once she wakes up, we have plans to work on a snowman. 
I'm sure we will have some more snow cream. And will run back in a few more times to warm up by the fire.
Regardless of what we do, I know we will have fun doing it. 
I'm sure we will also be watching the news. After all, we're hoping for another day at home. 

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Andy and Megan said...

I love this post!! We get so much snow that we don't appreciate it the way you do when it only happens every few years. Glad you enjoyed your snow day!