Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Dear Summer

Dear Summer,

Today is the day. The day I have to say goodbye. 

Goodbye to you.

Goodbye to late nights reading blogs or watching Law and Order SVU marathons.

Goodbye to no alarm and only waking up to the voice of my precious, almost four year old. 

Goodbye to mornings of snuggles and the Today Show and Franklin.

Goodbye to play dates and lunches with family and friends.

Goodbye to kisses and hugs from my girl all.day.long.

Goodbye to naps and countless lake trips.

Goodbye to no schedule and setting our own agenda.

There are so many things I will miss about you, but the thing I will miss most  is the time with my baby girl, who really isn't a baby anymore at all. I will miss her so much. Each year, as I say goodbye to you, I watch my girl turn a year older. While there are so many happy things about watching her grow and change and turn a year older, it's also a reminder of how fast it all goes and how my baby girl is growing up entirely too fast for me to comprehend. Time.Slow.Down.Please.

While there is so much to say goodbye to, there is also so much to say hello to.

Hello to mornings with my hubby. I have missed you.

Hello to getting back into a routine.

Hello to co-workers I haven't seen all summer.

Hello to a new set of students who I am so excited to meet.

Hello to my baby girl returning to school and dance and friends.

Hello to fall and football and crunchy leaves.

While it pains me to say goodbye, I know you will return. I am already counting down the days.

Until then,
Your #1 Fan 


Elizabeth said...

I don't want to wish time away, but I sure am ready for fall! :)

Raven said...

One thing I never take for granted is the fact that you really do know how lucky you are to get the summers with MK. Loved ALL your blogs this summer but looking forward to all the adventures the fall will bring - especially a new friend for MK! ;) Love ya'll

Anonymous said...

Couldn't agree more! TIME MOVES WAY TOO FAST. You have some lucky students that will have the pleasure to call you Mrs. Callahan all year long :) Before we know it, it will be summer again.