Thursday, August 16, 2012

32. Ramblings.

Today I am 32. 32 seems so different than 30 or even 31. This birthday has been harder for me than turning the BIG 3-0. 

I can vividly remember my mom being 32. I don't remember her being 27 or 29 or 31, but I do remember 32. I don't remember 33 or 34 necessarily, but I remember 32. I remember the way she dressed when she was 32. And how she styled her hair. I remember what our house looked like when my mom was 32 and what I looked like. At 32 my mom had three children. At 32 my mom lost her dad. 32 was a big year for her and apparently a big year for me since I still remember it so clearly.

I have felt so much love today. This morning my hubby and baby girl sang happy birthday and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. What's sweeter than hearing a three year old sing happy birthday?!? The only thing I can think of is maybe both of my grandmothers calling and singing on my voicemail. Love. My mom was the first person, other than Trav, to wish me a happy birthday and then throughout the day I received countless texts and messages and calls wishing me happiness. We had professional development ALL.DAY.LONG. and so many sweet, sweet friends came over to wish me a great day. During our lunch break, my team went out for lunch (Mexican) and also surprised me with a cookie cake. Yum. 

This afternoon/evening has been slightly different than expected. I came home to a hubby with some sort of stomach bug who's been in bed all evening. And then my baby girl left for two nights with my parents. Woe is me, right?!? Ha! Now I'm all alone on the couch watching Lifetime and blogging. Two brights spots amongst all of this: 1) My mom showed up with beautiful flowers and 2) My daddy showed up with boiled peanuts. 

Here's hoping for a better attitude about 32 tomorrow and a hubby who is 100%. He owes me a dinner. Ha!

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Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday!! :)