Friday, August 10, 2012

More summer fun via pics.

1. Sleeping in continues, however, I know that "Back to School and Alarm Clock" bootcamp needs to start ASAP. This girl knows how to sleep in. 
2. Home cooked lunch at Mama Jean's. Wowzers.
3. Sweet moments with Mama Jean
4. A few days at Kaka's
5. Breakfast with this sweet boy
6. Lunch at one of my favorite places in Orangeburg
7. Smiles from this little boy
8. Playing and eating lunch with Annie Parker and Mac. So sweet.
9. Naps on the boat
10. Snuggling whenever we want
11. Baby love. Trav loving on Baby Evan.
12. Dinner and playing with beautiful baby Emirie.
13. Full moons


Justin and Jessica Jones said...

MK looks like such abig girl in that first picture. That baby is really growing up!

Anonymous said...

Hard to believe I've been reading this blog for almost 4 years! Love it and love you! MK is the cutest :)


mary wood said...

love your pictures!