Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Coffee Date.

*I was inspired by this post.

If it was before noon then we could officially call this a coffee date. I would be sipping instant coffee with lots, and I mean lots, of French Vanilla creamer, from one of my very favorite mugs that we received as a wedding gift. But since it's well after noon time and I'm sipping on a Diet Coke instead, I guess we can't officially call this a coffee date. Anywho.

We'd probably be sitting on my back porch on my big red couch. Most likely during nap time so that we could actually talk. You would hear the ocean waves over the baby monitor and there would most likely be music playing from the iPad. My dogs would be sitting at your feet begging for attention and there would be a nice cool breeze (I hope).

I would start by telling you that Travis and I had the most awesome weekend. We traveled, by boat, down to Charleston with Owens, Trenholm, Jonathan, Ashley and some other great friends for the weekend. It was so nice and so relaxing and a large time was had by all. I'm still recovering. Time spent with these people makes my sides hurt from laughing so hard.
I would then tell you that we didn't worry one bit about our girl because we knew she was in THE best hands. She was with Kaka and Gator and also getting to spend the weekend with her favorite cousin, Hunter. She adores Kaka and Gator, as well as Hunter, and on the drive home Sunday she cried three-fourths of the way for Kaka. 

I would then tell you how much I love Hunter and how he is such a sweet boy. He is growing and changing and doing so much. He can now say our names, "Ah Cake" and "Heder". Oh, how I love him!
We would then talk about plans for this upcoming weekend and possibly 4th of July. I would tell you that we will be spending our time on Lake Murray soaking up the sun. I would tell you about how much I love Lake Murray and how it holds a very special place in my heart because it's on this lake that Travis popped the big question.
I might also mention that I am thoroughly enjoying this summer, but I think Morgan Kate might be a tad bit bored with me. Just today I took her to the park, alone, and she asked numerous times if anyone else was coming. 
While we were talking about MK and children, I would probably tell you how my mom hates for me to call Morgan Kate by her full name. I mean she loves her full name, but dislikes that I only use it when MK is in trouble or testing my patience. I sent her this text just the other day. So true.
Then we might talk about children's clothing or great finds and I would tell you about these darling little yellow shoes that I got for MK just last week. Not only are they darling, but super easy to put on and they were also fairly cheap. It's a win-win situation for all involved.
I would tell you how full my heart is and how content I am with life right now. I would probably go on and on about all the things MK is doing and how I love being a mom. It's the greatest thing ever, but also one of the hardest. I want to do things right and raise her to be a kind and generous person. I want her to be loving and open minded. 
That would lead me into a conversation with you about her daddy and just how much I love him. He is my absolute world and makes me the happiest girl in the whole wide world. 

Of course we would talk about you and all you have going on - your weekend plans, upcoming vacations, children, spouse, pets, shopping, hopes and dreams, etc.

And then, out of nowhere, MK would say over the monitor, "Mommy, I all done napping". We would wrap up our conversation, head in to get her and be greeted with a sweaty, but oh so sweet hug.


Elizabeth said...

Would love to have a real coffee date with you! :)

Love this post!!

Kathy Hardison said...

Love this post too! I can envision each thing happening. LY&MY

Raven said...

It really did feel like a coffee date - but we accomplished it in record time for us! LOL