Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dear Morgan Kate,

In like eight weeks or something crazy like that you are going to be four. Oh. My. Mercy. Four?!? My brain cannot even really fathom that. I have really enjoyed all of your ages/stages, okay, maybe not every single one of them, but this particular age, right now, has probably been one of my most favorites. You are so much fun and so full of personality. You make me laugh all of the time. You are so smart and observant and you pick up on everything. Your memory is out of this world and your language and conversation skills blow my mind. You are my sunshine.

Even though you are about to be four, you still wear mostly 2T and 3T clothes. Height wise you need threes, but your waist is about as big around as my pinky finger. Tiny. Needless to say, buying pants for you is a challenge. I try to stick with dresses, skirts and shorts. You are pretty vocal about what you want to wear. I try to honor your opinion as much as possible, but it's not always easy. You wear a size 7/8 shoe and your favorite shoes are your crocs or your rain boots.
You are a good sleeper as long as we keep you on some sort of routine. You need to be busy during the day and you need to go to bed at the same time each night. When we stray from your routine then you start to complain about bedtime and you start getting up during the night. You sleep in your big girl bed every single night and we are so proud of you! 

You are a decent eater and will try anything at least once, you always have been that way. Your favorites are fruit, peas, green beans, rice, ham, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and ice cream. You also really like candy which is no surprise because Gator and I are HUGE candy fans. You get it honest. There are days when you eat really good and clean your plate and other days when you don't really eat a lot at all. 
You have the biggest imagination of anyone I know. Seriously. You play pretend everything and you still have all of your imaginary friends -Dabba, Mimi and Jason. You tell us that Jason is your brother. And while we are on that subject, you ask us every. single. day. for a baby brother or sister. And you even tell people that you are going to be a big sister. There are lots of friends in your life getting brothers and sisters and you think you are supposed to get one too. Each time you ask, I just tell you that you need to talk to the big man upstairs about all of that. Anyway, back to your imagination. You play pretend doctor, pretend baby, pretend princess, pretend teacher, pretend dancer, pretend cook, pretend mommy. Like I said, pretend everything. You love to dress up as a princess or dancer. Often times I find you all dressed up "teaching your girls" to dance. You crack me up.

You love reading books. Your favorites are books about princesses or fairies and you also really like books about trucks. We read two books each night and numerous books during the day. There are several books that you have memorized and you read them to us. Blows my mind. You also like playing on the iPad and right now your favorite app is Mickey Mouse Road Ralley or something like that. You also love using the iPad to play music and take pictures. You are really good with technology. You also love playing outside and drawing with sidewalk chalk. You would draw for hours if we let you. You enjoy driving your pink Jeep and riding on your tricycle. And you really love playing with your "fwens". You know your ABCs and you can count to twenty, most of the time. You think every letter is the letter A. Ha! You also sing a lot and you can hear just the first few notes of a song and you know what it is. I think you get that from your daddy.
You are a very sweet girl and you tell us you love us all of the time. It melts my heart. You are really snuggly and love to just cuddle and hug and give kisses. At nights, before bed, you love crawling up on the couch with your daddy and watching Tom and Jerry (your favorite). You also say, "Mommy, you are the best mommy evah" or "Daddy, you are my favorite daddy evah". We both just eat it up. While you are 99.9% sweet, you can be a little sassy and even a little whiney. You don't usually do anything to get in trouble, but you say things sometimes that get you in trouble. We are all learning. 

I hope you always know how happy you make your daddy and I. You really do complete our life and we thank God for you every single day, multiple times a day. I feel so blessed to be your mommy and each day you just amaze me more and more. We love you more than we could ever express. 
You are our world. You are our heart. You are our everything, baby girl. We love you muches.

I love you, 


Anonymous said...

So so so sweet. This blog is the best baby book EVER. MK is going to love it for years to come.

Still love all that voice in your writing, Mrs. Callahan :)

Love y'all,

Jan Kessler said...

She is so precious and I love her as "MaMa" used to say a bushel and a peck and a hug around the neck. Love her more than anything..........Love you guys


Aunt Jan

MJP said...

Can't believe she'll be four soon! Seems like I just "met" y'all yesterday. What a sweet letter to your sweet girl.