Monday, October 3, 2011

In case you weren't aware, October is wedding month. We attended a wedding this weekend. We have another next weekend and another the following weekend. 

This weekend the wedding we attended was for dear, dear family friends - David and Haley. David, I have known my entire life. His parents used to live across the street from my grandmother and now live just a few blocks down from my parents. And his momma, Mrs. Jackie, happens to be one of my momma's BFFs and like my second momma. His dad was in my parent's wedding and his older brother, Michael, was in my wedding. Oh and total side note, but I'm going to be in Michael's wedding one day. We've already decided that I get to be a groomswoman. We've just got to find him a wife. A good one. Haley, I've also known for a really, really long time. Her daddy was the president of the company my mom worked at for 35 years. I'm older than Haley, but she and I always enjoyed playing with one another at "company" functions. Needless to say, the connections we had made this a very special wedding weekend. 

The rehearsal dinner was Friday night. My parents were there, as were Travis and I. MK had a spend the night party at Uncle Owens and Aunt Ninum's house. Her first time staying the night anywhere other than Kaka and Gator's. BIG DEAL. More on that in another post. It was the strangest feeling being somewhere with my parents but not having MK. The rehearsal dinner was beautiful and the food was delicious. I enjoyed every second of it and I especially enjoyed seeing these four ladies together.
These women are very near and dear to my heart: Mrs. Betty, Mrs. Jackie, Mrs. Phala and my mommy. I always love seeing my mom with her friends. She always has this huge smile and I know she is so happy. She has some of THE best friends. These women will do anything for her and she will do anything for them. And I mean anything. Trust me.

I'm always smiling and happy when I can spend time with my mom.
And this fellow makes me pretty darn happy, too.
The wedding was out of this world gorgeous. The ceremony and the reception were at Haley's parents' house. They have this amazing property and gorgeous old home. Just gorgeous. I wish I had taken pictures, but I was too busy taking in the sights and shaking it on the dance floor. I told Travis afterward that I wanted to buy a bunch of land and a beautiful old home so that when MK got married she could have the ceremony and reception there. He agreed it was a great idea. Now we just have to find the money to do all of that. Ha!

I love weddings. I love celebrating the joining of two people. I love the calm and peaceful feeling I get during the ceremony. And of course I love the party afterward. As I was listening to the preacher yesterday I couldn't help but get all emotional and sentimental and all that good stuff. It's so easy to get caught up in life and not to appreciate your marriage or the love you have for your spouse. It's so easy to put others and other things first. Yesterday was an excellent reminder of what I do have. And I do have something pretty darn amazing. 


Kathy Hardison said...

It was a fun weekend. Love you!

Melissa and Sam said...

So glad you all had fun!

Anonymous said...

We girlfriends do LOVE each other dearly and we LOVE our daughters and daughters-in-laws dearly, too. Olivia is ready for us to come to Columbia for everyone to go out to dinner together. We need to pick a date :) Enjoyed being with ya'll Friday & Saturday night! We LOVED watching MK have a blast at the reception...Lyn talked about her most of the way home. We love ya'll so much...Mrs. Phala