Monday, September 10, 2012

Tomorrow marks week four that I have been back at work and life is just starting to feel normal again.

I have finally figured out that magical time in which I must rise in order to get ready, fix lunches, fix coffee and get our girl out of bed and dressed.

I have finally figured out the moment in which I must leave the house in order to make it on time to work. And when I say on time, I mean where I have a minute or two to drop my school bag and turn on the lights before twenty lively children enter my door. 

We are back at Roddey's and our girl is back into her groove.

Our regular schedule, of meetings on this afternoon and dance this afternoon and work late on this afternoon have finally fallen into place. 

Cooked dinners are starting to resume.

Dishes and laundry are beginning to get caught up on. We've even managed to have time for a TV show or two.

Playing outside and enjoying one another has been something we've been able to focus on rather than our "get home, eat dinner, clean up, prepare for tomorrow, get baths, go to bed" routine.

My mind is finally starting to settle and my to-do list doesn't seem quite as lengthy or overwhelming.

Life is starting to get back to normal and my heart and mind and body couldn't be happier.

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