Monday, September 24, 2012

Happy birthday. At school.

Last week Morgan Kate celebrated her birthday at school. She, just like her mommy and daddy, has a summer birthday. Summer birthdays typically mean no parties at school, no birthday shout out over the announcements and no birthday treats to share with classmates. Fortunately, lots of teachers and schools aren't "typical" and for the first time, in a long time, summer birthdays are being recognized. Why couldn't someone figure this out when I was growing up? Ha.

MK's celebration was during the day, but my most awesome principal allowed me to leave for about an hour to participate. Made my day. 
MK got to be the line leader and wear the birthday crown all day. I brought cupcakes, grapes and drinks for the all the kiddos in her class. 
She has THE cutest class. Ever. And three of her very best friends are in the class with her. 
Each child gets to pick out and open a birthday book on their special day. She chose a book wrapped in pink striped paper and it was a book about butterflies. She loved it. While she was opening the book I got to read to a few others in the class. So sweet. We also made a pretend birthday cake and Morgan Kate got to be the candles that we blew out/over.
Afterward I even had a few minutes to spare and was able to watch MK in the "big room".

It just warms my heart to be able to go to her school and see her interact and learn with others. It was so nice to step out of teacher mode and be mommy. Just mommy. Greatest job ever.

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Elizabeth said...

I have a summer birthday too (and so Addison) & I always wanted to celebrate at school! So glad Morgan Kate was able to have a little celebration with her friends at school!