Friday, September 26, 2008

Blessings for 09.26

1. Morgan Kate gained another ounce bringing her to 2.10! This means that since birth she has gained a pound. Remember, she came in the world weighing 1.12, but lost two ounces the next day. Isn't is crazy that as adults we can easily gain a pound in one day and maybe even more, but for little ones it takes over a month? 

2. Morgan Kate has continued to tolerate her new feeding schedule, therefore, they have started her on a brand new one as of 9pm tonight. Starting tonight she will be fed through her tube for thirty minutes every three hours. For instance, tonight at 9 they started her feeds and she was fed until 9:30. They then cut the feeding tube off and will start again at 12, then 3, then 6 and so on. Her next step is hopefully the bottle!!!

3. We got to visit with some of our NICU friends tonight (they are right down the hall from us) and they let us see their baby. She is absolutely beautiful and tonight she weighed in at 5lb. It's hard to believe that she was Morgan Kate's size just a few weeks ago. She is doing extremely well and will hopefully go home sometime next week. She is doing better with her heart rate drops and will most likely go home on a heart monitor just for precautions. 

4. We are so thankful for our wonderful doctors, nurses, and respiratory techs. 

*Tomorrow I will post some new pictures. I have been meaning to bring my camera home each night to download some new photos, but my mind is not what is used to be and I keep forgetting. Please forgive me...


Kelly Lee said...

What great news about Morgan Kate and Morgan Kate's neighbor:) I'm so glad her feedings are going well and she's gaining weight, she'll be 3 pounds before we know it. Just think you'll be holding her in your arms soon and feeding her!!!! Love and prayers, Kelly Jean

Monica said...

Morgan Kate is amazing! It is good to hear that she has gained one pound since her birth. Yahoo! I can't wait to see new pictures--I know that she has changed since the ones that are on the blog. I can't wait to meet her. I'm thinking of you all of the time. Take care.