Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Today has been an emotional day. I think things are finally beginning to sink in. I found myself stopping several times today and asking myself, "Is this all really happening?" It is still so hard to believe. I look at this precious little baby in that incubator and I just think, "Why?" I know God has a plan for us and that he wouldn't give us more than we could handle, but it's just so hard. Also, Travis went back to work today for the first time in two weeks. It was very difficult for him and he hated to be away, but he knew it was time to get back. He came to the hospital as soon as he got off and spent the evening with us.

Morgan Kate's heart rate was a little high today, as well as her blood pressure. She is still breathing on her own (Yeah!), but is on some oxygen. The oxygen helps put pressure on her lungs when she forgets to breathe. Her oxygen levels fluctuated all day so her nurse was in and out a lot. I got to kangaroo with her late this afternoon and all her levels started going back down. I felt really good about this. Her night nurse (which we love) arrived at seven and all of her levels returned to normal. I think she was stressed out earlier today. The ultrasound tech did not come in until 9:00 tonight to do the brain ultrasound. We will not have the results of that scan until in the morning, but I will post as soon as I know something. 


Melissa & Sam said...

You, Travis, and Morgan Kate continue to remain in our daily thoughts and prayers. Thanks for the updates! Your sweet daughter is beautiful! We love you all!
Love and Prayers,
Melissa and Sam

Anonymous said...

Heather this is such a wonderful site. You have people praying for you and keeping up with you that you don't even know. Stay strong and know that we all love and support you. Ann Hamrick

Anonymous said...

Heather and Travis, we are so proud of you! We are praying for you daily. Morgan Kate is a beautiful and TOUGH little girl. We love you all very much!

Anonymous said...

So happy you can "kangaroo" with Morgan Kate. I know that is the best feeling in the world. She is beautiful and getting stronger and stronger each day. Love y'all!


Brandy said...

We are all praying for you. Its wonderful that you can "kangaroo" and we're so happy that Morgan Kate is a feisty little girl. Love to all.

Brandy, Dave, Josie & Wesley Frick

Misty said...

We have been thinking of you and Travis both non-stop...if ever there was a couple that can handle this it's you two. Tradd and Jackson are just learning to say their prayers at night so know that they will be prayiong for their new friend. love to all...
Misty, Lee, Tradd and Jackson

Anonymous said...

You, Travis, and Morgan Kate are thought about on a daily basis. I think we are driving Mary crazy because we ask about you guys so much. If there is anything that we can do please let us know. My number is 732-5288. I wanted to bring you dinner at some point but wanted to wait until things calmed down. Morgan Kate is beautiful! Girls are fighters!! You guys are in our prayers. Love, Denise

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful little girl! I want you to know that there are a lot of us praying for Morgan Kate & her family every day. It sounds like yesterday she just needed her Mommie to hold her. Give her some kisses on the top of that sweet little head for me!
Kathy Chaplin

Anonymous said...

Heather and Travis (I know, dads are so under recognized), You have a family here that are praying for you all everyday. Heather, you have always had such spunk and strength in your little body, so I would expect nothing less of your little girl. Thanks for the updates! They mean a lot to us. stay strong and don't ever be afraid to lean on the people around you.

Anonymous said...

Heather, Travis and Morgan Kate,
I am so glad you have this blog to keep me updated on how you all are doing. I am thinking about you everyday and praying that you will stay strong and soon you will get to take your sweet little baby girl home.
We love you,
Liz and Tony

Kimberly Pieper said...

Hey Heather, Travis And Morgan Kate!
I love your blogs and look forward to all the updates! I laugh, I cry...it's wonderful! Joey's step-sister went through this too and I now know what she must have went through and her lil boy is now 12!
Stay strong and prayers are going up!
Love to you & your family!
Kim Pieper

Julie Schelble said...

Heather, Travis & MK
She is beautiful. I am keeping up with your journey. I am praying daily and knowing that all will be well. She is beautiful...just like her mother! :)

love to you,
Julie Schelble

Anonymous said...

Heather- I have been keeping up with your blogs and I am just in awe of how strong you all are! I feel that God is using your situation to help others either through the hospital or through your site/blogs. God picked the best parents for Morgan Kate. She is so blessed not only to have you all as parents but the support system that you have in place, as well. What a beautiful(inside and out) family the three of you make. Praying for everyone. Sherry and Madison Ward