Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Last night I wrote, "I can't wait for the day when I walk in and she is back on the cannula. It will definitely be an answered prayer." I know God answers prayers because I experience it everyday and he has blessed my life in so many ways, but I didn't expect him to be so quick this time! When I walked in to Morgan Kate's room today I did a double take. Yep, you guessed it... She was off of the CPAP and back on the nasal cannula. At that time her oxygen was around 32%. Since she was doing so well I was able to kangaroo with her. Oh, how nice this was! My heart has been longing to do this for over three weeks and today I finally got to. While we were kangarooing her oxygen went down to 28%. Wow! I felt so good about it. Once she went back in the incubator she just seemed so relaxed. She was very alert and looking all around. As the day has progressed her needs have increased some and when we left tonight she was up to 37%. I realize that tomorrow is a new day and she may or may not be back on the CPAP, but even just one day off is a true blessing. God is so good and I am so thankful that my little one has had a break from the CPAP. I pray that she is strong enough to continue on the cannula, but if not I know that things will get better in her own time. 

She is continuing to tolerate her feeds and weighed in tonight at four pounds and six ounces. Looks like she might be four and a half pounds by this weekend. Can you believe it?

Tomorrow Morgan Kate has Part 1 of her two month immunizations. I couldn't believe it when the doctor mentioned immunizations. I was like, "Ummm, already? Is she old enough for all of that?" Apparently she is old enough and there are five immunizations due. She will get three of them tomorrow and two of them on Friday. Please say a little prayer for her because I am sure they won't feel too good.

Yesterday my devotion was about choices. The devotion talked a lot about how we can't always choose what situations we are in, but we can choose the attitude we have about those situations. I have heard this before, but it never really sunk in until now. I did not choose this situation and I can't do a lot about it, however I can choose the attitude I have. I am trying my best to have a positive and patient attitude. I have been very anxious about Morgan Kate's breathing and oxygen needs. Most of this anxiety is because I am just so scared and I want everything to be okay for her. However, I know that this will all happen in Morgan Kate's time and God's time and until then I just need to try and relax and enjoy every minute with her.

Earlier this week I promised pictures of the signs Kaky has been making for Morgan Kate. The first picture is of the "Sign Wall". The second picture is my attempt at signs while Kaky is out of commission.

Below are pictures of Morgan Kate's nursery and new furniture. The night before Morgan Kate arrived Travis went home and my mom stayed in the hospital with me. I assured Travis that I was perfectly okay and Morgan Kate's arrival was weeks away. Ha! Little did we know... Anyway when Trav went home that night he painted the nursery along with the help of Owens, Kyle, Mary and Matt. I had no clue he was painting the nursery that night and it was a great surprise! It turned out perfectly and I can't wait for Morgan Kate to see it. Her dresser and changing table arrived a couple of weeks ago and we finally have them assembled and in her room. Thank you so much Kaky and MJ! We love it! 


Denise said...

Hello there! FIrst of all your daughter is beautiful! Second of all, I found you through Kayleigh's Blog, my son, Parker is a preemie as well. When he was born (11 weeks early) he weighed 2lbs 3ozs. I haven't read your entire blog, but congrats on Morgan being put (back?) on the cannula, Parker was on and off CPAP and cannula a couple times, so I know the frustration! If you are interested, you can swing by his blog... and check out his story and also, I have my own personal blog, so feel free to swing by that too! God Bless You!

Denise :)

Kelly Lee said...

What a wonderful suprise!! Glad she was able to come off the CPAP, I know she enjoyed that as much as you did! I love the nursery, the furniture looks perfect. Hope today holds more suprises, give MK a kiss for me. Love ya, Kelly
PS. I love your attitude:)

Anonymous said...

I am so glad that things are going well and her room is precious. What a blessing! You and Travis have the best outlook on life! I know that Morgan Kate gets her strength from y'all. God is good!
Wendy H.

Sherry Pyle said...

Thank You God!!!!
How wonderful that Morgan kate is off thr CPAC.
I appreciate your sharing your heart with so many.
Your a very special person and have great faith.
So many blessings to be thankful for.
May God answer all your and everyone else's prayers about Morgan Kate.
She is so special and soooo loved!!
The first thing I do each morning when I log on is check her progress.
Have a great day!!!!

Sherry Pyle

charlotte said...

You have a great attitude. I read your blog daily. I love hearing the up dates. Morgan Kate is a very special little girl. Thank you for sharing daily with everyone. The nursery is so pretty. The furniture looks great! Thank you again for sharing your story!

Anonymous said...

We know you were excited to see Morgan Kate back on the cannula! You can really tell how much she is filling out...that is WONDERFUL. Loved you sharing your devotion...devotions get your day off to a great start and help us stay focused throughout the day. Love little Morgan Kate's nursery...Travis and team did a super job :) Thanks for updating everyone each day. We love you all!
Lyn & Phala & Family

Jenny Garris said...

Hurray for every ounce and every step forward! I will be thinking of you when MK gets her immunizations--that is really hard!! But I really think it is harder on us than it is on them. Know that if you cry, it's okay because we have probably all done it! MK has overcome so many things, this will just be another obstacle that she will conquer! Her room is beautiful--Travis and the boys did a fantastic job and I know it was created with LOVE!
Take care... :) Jenny

Amy Walling said...

Praise GOD! I just wanted to let you know that we are still praying for Morgan Kate and you guys! God is so GOOD!~ Can't say it enough! I'm so happy for ya'll!

God Bless,Amy

Anonymous said...

Hooray MK!!
I know as a mother we all want to give our children the strength that we believe we have. However, it is SO amazing how much strength WE actually gain through our precious children!!
I love the wall, the signs, the bible verses, the pictures, the nursery...... a girl has gotta love pink and green (my personal fav). I can not wait to meet your precious baby girl. She is just as beautiful as you.
Love and prayers, Chi

THE SPIVEY"S said...

AWESOME! God is amazing and does amazing things. I am so excited that she was able to take a day without the CPAP. Hopefully it will off tomorrow when you walk in again. I will be praying for that. I can't believe that she is 4 lbs 6 ozs. That is how big Christian was yesterday as well. He still can't wait to meet her.
God Bless!
Donna Spivey

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather!
How precious the wall in Morgan Kate's hospital room! Your mom is always the best at remembering all of us with a special touch. The nursery is absolutely precious! Morgan Kate is a very blessed little girl. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! Love, Aunt Terry