Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nurses are a lot like teachers. Some nurses are good, some nurses are great and some are pure angels. We have been so blessed and so fortunate to have angels in the NICU at Baptist. Today we had an absolute ANGEL help to get Morgan Kate back in a "big girl bed". When I arrived today I was shocked to see Morgan Kate in a crib. She was not in a bassinet as it will not support the CPAP, but she was in a small white crib and I was thrilled. We even got to put clothes on her tonight. It is an incredible feeling and we have her awesome nurse to thank. She knew how disappointed we were on Sunday and today she put big smiles back on our faces. I will post pictures tomorrow night.

Today Morgan Kate's oxygen hung around 44%, but when we left tonight it was down to 41%. She got her third dose of the steroid tonight at 6pm. The steroid is in liquid form and is given to her through her feeding tube. She is continuing to tolerate her feeds and is still at 38ccs. Tonight Morgan Kate weighed in at four pounds and twelve ounces. She has gained three pounds since birth! Morgan Kate is staying awake for a little while longer these days and seems very alert. Oh, how I can't wait for the day when we can taker her home!

Please continue to pray for Morgan Kate's growth, lung development, and that she will continue to tolerate her feeds. 

We are thankful for:
-Angels disguised as nurses.
-Doctors that are patient and willing to sit with parents and talk.
-Family and friends who are supportive and encouraging.
-God's love and guidance through this journey.


Anonymous said...

Hi Heather, So glad Morgan Kate is tolerating the steriods well. She is a "Fighter". We continue to surround each of you in prayer. You and Travis have been amazing parents each step of the way! MK looks so adorable in her "Big Girl Outfit" May God surround ya'll today with His peace and love in every way. Blessings Stephen and Jane Hartzog

Anonymous said...

Good morning,
Your blog made me cry this morning...just trying to imagine seeing your faces when you saw Morgan Kate in her crib and getting to put her in an outfit! You and Morgan Kate and Kaki will be doing shopping sprees in no time...maybr I can tag along sometimes. God's grace is awesome. Give her kisses and love from us today. Tell her we are praying for her and sing Jesus loves me to her!
Love you, The Burlesons

Sherry Pyle said...

What great news!!!!
I appreciate how you share your all's heart with us.
Morgan Kate sure has two great parents!!!
Daily I pray for you and keep you in my heart.
Soon the happy day will come when she can go to her home with Mommy and Daddy!
God is so amazing!!!!!!!

Amy Walling said...

That's Awesome news! My prayer is that Morgan Kate's lungs will be healed and that she'll be able to go home soon. May God continue to carry all of you in His loving arms through this journey. And know that the end is always better than the beginning!

God Bless,
p.s. Our church is praying for Morgan Kate.

THE SPIVEY"S said...

You are so right, God love has really made Morgan Kate's journey a remarkable one. She also has you and Travis to thank. The strength that you and Travis show everyday is amazing. I hope that I will be able to mirror your strength. She looks amazing in her little outfits. She is getting so big. I know it will be a celebrated day when she gets to come home...home sweet home.

Kristen said...

Heather, your grandmother Margaret has been keeping us updated, but I am glad to have found your blog.

The St. Paul's UMC church family is keeping little Morgan Kate very much in our prayers.

Now that she's in clothes and a crib, we are praying for quick healing, thanks to angels, doctors, and miracle medicines, and for a trip HOME!

Anonymous said...

Hey Heather,
Wow. It is simply amazing how one person can make such a big impact. In your case, yesterday, it was a nurse. And in our case, recently, it has been Morgan Kate. It is so neat to be a prayer warrior in this journey of the Callhan's. Bert and I went to our Bible study Monday night, and together with four other couples we lifted you, Travis and Morgan Kate up in prayer. Carley loves to look online at the pictures of Morgan Kate and out of the blue she will ask how baby MK is doing and we will begin to pray for your child. When we go to bed at night, her prayer requests include Morgan Kate. Which led me to think of an analogy (which i love). Think of in the bible (Mark) Jesus had five loaves of bread and two fish to feed a thousand people. No one thought it could be possible, but with God it was. Those people were physically hungry- and without food.
I think we as a nation are spiritually hungry- and MORGAN KATE -one child of God (the bread for analogy purpose) is feeding
THOUSANDS spiritually. She has unknown amounts of people (including Carley- which touches my heart) in the word looking for wisdom and in constant daily prayer. According to the bible, we are created with purpose (to glorify God) and with authority (God's word). So, I have to say that the Callahan family is living out the legacy that God intended. Imagine the lives of the nurses, doctors and other NICU families that you have impacted spiritually.
Thank YOU for your reflection of Christ and your constant example of faith.
Love and prayers,