Friday, October 10, 2008

Today was a rough day for Morgan Kate. At 6:00 AM this morning Dr. E decided that Morgan Kate needed a little break from working so hard and put her back on the bubble CPAP. She was having to do to much work to breathe and her oxygen needs were continuing to increase. She has not been on the bubble CPAP since the day she was born and even then she was only on it for a few hours. There are pictures of her with the CPAP on that day in one of the slide shows to the right. In some ways this is a step backward so it's been a most difficult day. 

The bubble CPAP is much larger than the nasal cannula and it delivers a certain amount of pressure to her lungs. The pressure opens the air sacs in her lungs that she is not able to open on her own, therefore, making breathing easier. The nasal cannula also provided some pressure, but not as much or as controlled as the CPAP. The CPAP is a very scary looking contraption and Morgan Kate does NOT like it. It covers most of her face and she has to wear a hat. You can only see her eyes and part of her mouth. I did not take pictures because it broke my heart to see her that way. Once the RT's hooked up the CPAP it took almost three hours to get her settled down. Fortunately, she had a terrific nurse who knew what needed to be done. Morgan Kate had to be "constrained" in a swaddle because she would not leave the CPAP alone and she was very aggravated. She has been so alert and so active this week and that made it even more difficult to see her constrained. 

Even with the CPAP her oxygen needs were around 50% for most of the day. The doctor told us that it may take several days for the CPAP to really start working. Once it starts to do its work and her oxygen needs decrease they will take her off of the CPAP and she will probably move back to the nasal cannula. I pray that this happens very soon! When we left around 9:30 tonight she was down to 44% oxygen. Please pray that the CPAP will give Morgan Kate some relief and help her breathe easier.

My mom is doing a little better. They FINALLY found a pain medication that actually helped with the pain. It only took two days! If she has a good night then they may let her go home tomorrow. Please continue to pray for her recovery. 

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Melissa and Sam said...

Morgan Kate continues to be in my thoughts and prayers. I pray that her oxygen levels improve to the desired percent! I'm hoping your mother gets immediate relief from the pain medication and begins to feel better very soon! Love to all!
Meliss and Sam