Friday, February 13, 2009

Today we experienced a first. Not a first for Morgan Kate. A first for Mommy and Daddy. 

Several weeks ago Kaky and GDaddy offered to come up and watch Morgan Kate while Travis and I went to dinner. They have actually offered several times and each time we have very politely said, "No thank you".  Tonight was different. Morgan Kate had had an awesome week, was oxygen free, and we decided to take them up on the offer. 

It was very strange "getting ready" this afternoon. I had no clue what to wear, as I haven't been shopping since before I was pregnant. (Remember that would be last year this time, so my clothes are a little out of date.) I put on several different outfits before deciding that my jeans and a nice shirt would work. 

Before leaving I made sure everything was out and accessible. You don't realize how much babies require until you have to think about telling someone else their routine/schedule. I got the oxygen tank and cannula ready, just in case. I showed Mom where MK's bottles were and how to record how much she ate. (Yes, we write down how much we feed her each time in order to keep track of how many calories she takes in a day. I created a very nice chart that holds all of this info. My 4th grade team at LMES would be very impressed.) I told Mom and Dad about all the little alarms and tricks that go along with the monitors. I also made sure that I had my cell and that Travis had his. 

I wasn't nervous about leaving Morgan Kate. My goodness, my parents have had and raised three children. And besides, they do happen to be the best parents. My mom has been with Morgan Kate plenty of times and she knows all the "ins and outs". While I wasn't nervous, I was a little emotional. I mean since December 9th, the day we brought her home, I have been with her 24/7. I was a little teary-eyed as we walked out and as we drove out of the neighborhood, but then I began to settle down. I mean we were only going for a few hours, not days. We were gone for about three hours, but by that time I was ready for some of MK's loving and kissin' on those cheeks. 

Travis and I had a super time. We ate great food, had awesome conversation and just enjoyed each other's company. I think the best part for me was just sitting in the front of the truck with my hubby. I have been riding in the back with MK and it's a very different view back there. We also stopped at Krispy Kreme on the way home and got a dozen doughnuts. Yummy! I only called home once and that was right after her feeding time. I just wanted to make sure everything went smoothly and it did.

I will admit, our "date" post-baby was very different than our dates pre-baby. One, of course we enjoyed each other's company, but we talked a lot about Morgan Kate and of course we called to check in on her. Two, we left for dinner around 5ish and were home by 8. In the old days we would still be at home around 8:00 making plans for our night out. Three, pre-baby we would have stayed out half the night. Tonight we were ready to come home. It was different, but in such a good way.

Before my parents left tonight I tried to book them for a few more Friday nights. I told Kaky that tonight was such a treat for us, but she claims that she's the one who had a treat. 


Tonight will be Morgan Kate's second night without oxygen and she has done great. It still makes me a little nervous, but she seems to like it just fine. 

Below you will find Valentine outfit #1:

Be sure to tune in tomorrow night, I plan to post a new slideshow. 


Kelly Lee said...

I'm so happy that you and Trav had a "date night" and Morgan Kate had the two best "babysitters" in the world. You and Trav look so happy. I'm glad you took your parents up on their offer. I'm glad your Valentine weekend started off so great! Looking forward to seeing the Valentine slide show:) Happy 1st Valentine's Day Morgan Kate and Mommy & Daddy! Love, Kelly

Sherry pyle said...

It is so great you all had a special date night.
Somehow when we first leave our children it seems so strange and emptionally hard.
I remember looking at my children as babies , toddlers, and teens and wandering how in the world would I ever let them go some day , marry or go away to school.
A very wise friend told me its a process you go through all their lives. First pre-school. school on and on. Till when the day comes they have actualy prepared you for their going on to build their own lives.As they matured and took each new step to adulthood.
I have tried very hard to be grateful as they grew up and away. To have joy that they can mature and be a good husband or wife.
When my daughter did get married they moved to Aken. I found her room to be a place I could hardly go into.When our son moved out I stayed a way from the house and never spoke of his leaving with him.
However as time went on I discovered that each of my chldren our daughter and our son have never really left us. Instead they have given us a new daughter, and two precious grandchildren.
Even thought they are grown we have such a special relstionship and still love being together.
As a mother I have always said I would not let anything seperate me from my children. My love was unconditional.
Now since they both are grown I have the most wonderful new daughter by my sons marriage. I love her as if she were my own.
My daughter has given us a little boy and a little girl to touch our hearts all over again.
I wanted to share these things because it is something we have to work with. When our son was born my husband told me let him go!!!
I got his point.
I let him go to live his life, but oh my he knows I still adore him!!!
Parenting is so much fun!!!!
I'm so hapy for you all. Morgan Kate is a dream come true.
Happy Valentines Day!!!!!

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

YAHOO! I'm so glad you guys were able to have some special time together. Good for you! Miss you tons.

Anonymous said...

I am so glad you and Travis got to go on a special date. When you have children your lives change forever. It sounds like you and Travis did well. Love you, Travis and Morgan Kate. Miss you lots.

Aunt Jan

Terry Sowell said...

So glad you and Trav had a special night. So glad Kaky and Gdaddy had a special night too! Happy Valentine's Day to 3 sweethearts. We love you! Aunt Terry

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Heather...she is SO pretty, but girl...welcome to the land of having babies that look just like Daddy...I've been living there for a long time now...I'm sure she acts like you.
:) Love ya...miss you

Anonymous said...

Morgan Kats is a precious doll.
Love the pictures---watched her growth.
Miriam said she looks like Owens!!!!
sorry I had to miss party.