Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Nope. Your eyes are not playing tricks on you. That is my baby girl reaching and grabbing. And I caught it all on camera. Of course it's much easier for me to see now because while it was happening my eyes were full of tears making things quite blurry. Any milestone that MK reaches, big or small, brings me to tears. Nine months ago when I saw my tiny one pound twelve ounce baby girl for the very first time I wasn't sure what our future would entail. I wasn't sure what she would or would not be able to do. Fortunately, it did not take me long to realize that Morgan Kate is absolutely amazing, so very strong, extremely determined and slightly feisty. And all of those things combined make anything possible.

One of the first things, maybe the only, we were able to do as a family outside of our house for quite some time was strolling around the neighborhood. Oh, how I lived for these strolls. Each morning I would wake up and check the weather all the time praying for slightly warm days in the middle of February. We would bundle up, load MK's monitors and off we went. MK seemed to love the strolls as much as Travis and I did.

About a month and a half ago all of that changed. She began to hate the stroller. She wanted no part of it and cried until I took her out. I thought maybe she was too hot, or maybe she wasn't comfortable. I just couldn't figure it out. I asked Travis if he thought she was ready to ride in the stroller without the car seat. He said he didn't really know, but it was worth a try. Well we tried and she was way too small. Size wise she was not ready for the stroller minus the car seat. So Mommy here tried to do things that didn't require the stroller as much. 

Last week I decided to try the stroller thing again. MK has grown quite a lot lately and I thought maybe, just maybe, this time she would be ready. See picture below. She is still a little small, but she LOVES it. She loves to look around, watch the dogs, watch people. She is fascinated with everything. We have been on so many walks - two just today - and we have even had some great shopping trips and she LOVES it. When MK loves something, so does Mommy. 

Today has been a busy day. We went on a morning walk, played, napped, ate, had a PT session, played some more, napped again, went out for dinner, and took an evening walk. Oh, and we also took a mid-day bath. That's right. We don't typically take mid-day baths, but when you have poop clear up your back and all on your legs and it even gets on your arms when your mom takes off your onesie then you must have a bath. I am finding that baby food makes MK quite regular and today we had quite the mess. She was a mess, I was a mess, her clothes were a mess, the changing pad cover was a mess. It was all one big mess. Pictured below is MK all cleaned up after her bath. 

And the last picture is "just because". Just because I thought she looked super cute and I just can't get enough!


Kathy Hardison said...

What a great day! The pic of MK in the stroller just makes you smile and the one of her reaching for things is amazing - brought tears to my eyes. LY&MY

Heather said...

Great day. I love that she likes her stroller now and the image of her reaching for things and you having tears in your eyes made my eyes tear up.

She is such a blessing. Thanks for sharing her.

Aunt J said...

These are great pictures. It is hard to imagine that someone so tiny had already formed her personality. She has been so determined and she has alot of us praying for her and you and Travis too. God is so AWESOME.......Hope Travis is feeling better. Cannot wait to see you guys again.

Love Aunt J

Los Bianchi said...

She gets prettier every day!

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

What a great day for you guys...and I'm sure there are many more to come this summer. She is just too cute!
:) Love ya~

Sherry Pyle said...

Yea!! Look at how she has acomplished new things!!!
She is simply adorable.
Her happy simle lights up the world.
Your walks seem like so much fun!!
It is so good to hear about all the fun you are having, just enjoying being a Mom!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah Morgan Kate! She is too cute in the stroller picture. I am sure that you will continue to have a great summer full of exciting days!

Anthony's Mommy said...

She's doing wonderful!!! Cute pictures!


Anonymous said...

Morgan Kate is just beautiful !! I enjoy reading your blog because you show so much love of your precious baby girl

Melissa and Sam said...

Reaching and grabbing- we knew she'd do it!! So proud of her and so glad she likes her stroller view!
Love and Prayers,