Tuesday, July 28, 2009

After a full day of medication, I think Miss Morgan Kate is feeling better and so am I. Her little runny nose and cough absolutely break my heart, but both seem lots better today. We have an appointment tomorrow morning just to make sure everything is getting better and not worse. She has still been extremely cranky, but I am not sure if it's the steroid, the breathing treatments or the tooth that is just about to break the skin. Poor baby!

Now that things seem to be on the mend I can continue with Part 2 of our beach trip. 

7 Confessions
1. I confess that I did take Morgan Kate's apnea monitor with us to the beach. And I did make her wear it the very first night. However, after that I let her go wireless. 

2. I confess that on that Sunday night I awoke three different times to check on her and each time she was fine. I still wake up at least twice a night and either check on her or listen for her breathing on the baby monitor. 

3. I confess that while I may have let Morgan Kate play in the sand and even eat a little, I was secretly freaking out. Especially after I watched the Today Show segment regarding beach sand and the fact that it contains human and animal feces. Nice!

4. I confess that each night I kept Morgan Kate up a little later for two reasons. One, I wanted to love on her a little more and share her with my family. And two because I was hoping she would sleep a little later. No such luck!

5. I confess that when her runny nose started I became overwhelmed with emotion, I cried and I blamed myself for letting her get sick. But after much reassurance from my hubby, my mom and many, many others I now realize that it was inevitable and bound to happen eventually, despite my neurotic ways. 

6. I confess that while at the beach I cried several times. Some, not because I was sad, but because I was so happy. So happy to be there with my hubby and my family and especially my baby girl.

7. I confess that while at the beach I only wore sunscreen on my face. I know it's awful, but I was hoping to finally get a small tan on this pasty white skin. 

7 Things Learned
1. Yo Baby yogurt is the best yogurt ever, especially the vanilla flavor. MK really liked it too!

2. Babies need rest and can't go 24/7 like some adults think they can. Thursday night of our vacation we decided to go out to eat. Travis and I were not watching the time and before we knew it it was after 9:00 and the beach house was about 25 minutes away. Morgan Kate usually goes to bed at 8:00. Big mistake! 

3. I learned that despite my best efforts, Morgan Kate loves to play in the sand, eat sand, throw sand and dig in the sand. It's just a part of the beach experience! And maybe Kaky likes it a little too.

4. I learned that Morgan Kate loves her uncles just as much as I love them. And that's a lot. 

5. I learned that my Daddy has to be carefully watched when it comes to Morgan Kate and food. He thinks Morgan Kate is ready for M&M's. I told him he better not even think about it. 

6. I learned that all time with family is special regardless of what you are doing. (I actually think I already knew this.)

7. And last but not least, I learned that my 79 year old grandmother is one heck of a WII player. She has definitely got it!


Hollie Heming said...

Such memories!! You're a lucky girl :). I hope MK is feeling better.

Anonymous said...

Ha, I had to laugh at the lesson learned from your dad, the M&M's. My dad always did the same thing with Candler and food, I had to repeat to him that he was not ready yet, but then he would say he raised three of us and we were fine! Candler went to visit them last week and my dad brought him home chocolate ice cream every night, so spoiled, but I guess that is what grandparents are for! I saw your comments on facebook, thanks for the sweet comments about our pictures. I am feeling good these days, but things are getting a little harder. I am 27 weeks today, so just about 3 months left to go! I have had a blast picking out all this girl stuff, but have quickly realized how expensive girl things are. We are naming her Abby Mills.
Morgan Kate is getting so big and she just looks so much like her daddy, I know he is so proud. I love reading your blog about her, it is so sweet. I know you love being a mommy, it is truely a gift in life.
I saw where Jessa had a baby girl, please tell her Congrats for me.
Hope to see you all soon, take care.
Lindsay M

.:liza:. said...

Coming out of lurker-ville to say, we love Yobaby too!! You know you can print coupons from their website? There's a reward program too, let me know if you can't find the info. :)
BTW, I think all of those Aqua baby floats were recalled. Not to add to freak you out, but just in case you didn't hear!

Emily said...

I've had this flagged in my Google Reader so I would comment ever since the day you posted it. :)

Kit's dad is borderline obsessed with wanting to give Ellie chocolate (especially M&Ms). He even gives me chocolate because he figures that's the only way he can get it to her right now. Granddad's are so funny about that kind of stuff.