Sunday, July 26, 2009

I have been trying for the past twenty-four hours to think of a way to adequately tell you all about our trip. We did so much and I find myself wanting to include every single second and every little memory. But I know that I can't possibly do that. It would be way too long and I would probably lose some of you half way through. So I tried to be creative. I have decided that since we were there for seven days and it is the seventh month, I will create my post around the number seven. Tonight I will include 7 memories and 7 must haves. Tomorrow night I will include 7 things learned and 7 confessions. And both nights I will include 7 photos sporadically through the post. I have way more than seven memories or seven things learned, but I know that I need to limit myself or things could get out of hand. So, here goes. Oh and don't worry. I am also trying to think of a creative way to include many, many more photos from our trip. I have lots and I definitely want to share more than 7, but that's what I am sticking to tonight. 

Morgan Kate on the beach for the first time

7 Memories
1. Lynn and Amy's Wedding
Lynn and Amy got married on the first day of our vacation. It was a beautiful ceremony and a fantastic reception. Fun was had by all. Morgan Kate did an amazing job! We left for the beach Saturday morning at 9:45 and she didn't get in the bed until after 9 that night. She had several cat naps throughout the day, but that was all. Her schedule and her naps were completely off, but she was such a trooper. I was so proud of her and even more proud to show her off and share her with family.

2. Sand
Sand in my shoes. Sand in my bathing suit. Sand in my hair. Sand in my mouth. Sand, sand everywhere. It's been quite some time since I had so much sand on my body and in my bathing suit. Morgan Kate and I were both covered. There were several days where I even had to make a run to the ocean to dump the bottoms of my bathing suit. It was ridiculous, but oh, so much fun. I think we even brought some sand home with us.

MK playing in the sand

3. Rainy days
A rainy day at the beach still beats a good day at home. We had beautiful weather every single day except for Monday. Monday we awoke to a cloud covered sky and it stayed that way the entire day. But the clouds did not hold us down. The boys used the clouds as an opportunity to do some boating and the girls headed downtown to do some shopping. Neither parties will discuss any further details about their day, especially those details pertaining to food or possible stops at restaurants.  

4. Morris Island Lighthouse
I grew up going to Folly and spending time at the lighthouse. We have numerous pictures of the lighthouse and one summer thanks to the changing tides my entire family was able to walk over to the lighthouse and peek inside. It was amazing. We have so many special memories there and I couldn't wait for the day that I would be able to share that with my child. The minute we pulled up I began to get teary eyed. I thoroughly enjoyed myself and I am pretty sure Morgan Kate did as well. 

Morgan Kate at the lighthouse

5. Photo Shoot
Before we left for our trip I made sure to pack a few extra dresses for Morgan Kate. I mean you never know when a photo opportunity might present itself. Wednesday Aunt Deborah, Kelly and Tommy came over to the beach for the day. The boys fished and the girls worked on their tans. But when the day began to wind down we decided that it was the perfect time for pictures. Besides, we had numerous extra hands. So, MK and I showered and dressed and headed over to the beach with our assistants, Kaky, Aunt Deborah and Kelly. Kaky and Aunt Deborah were in charge of getting MK to smile and change her outfits. Kelly was our photographer extraordinaire. It was so, so much fun and I am completely in love with the pictures. Once the boys returned, Travis showered and we completed the photo shoot on the back porch. 
MK and Daddy on the back porch at sunset

Mommy and MK

6. Family and Seafood Night
My dad and his three brothers have been going to Folly Beach each year since they were very, very small. Once they got older, married and had their own children the tradition continued. We have been going to Folly for as long as I can remember. My dad has twin brothers who rent a house together (with their families). My dad's oldest brother and his family rent a house with my dad's mom. And my family rents a house with my mom's mom. Hope that wasn't too confusing. We always go to Folly. We always go the third week in July. We sun together. Boat together. Swim together. And we all gather together at the end of the week for a big seafood night. It's a bittersweet night. Of course, we all look forward to time together and the delicious food, especially me. But it's also sad because we know that another week at Folly has come to an end. 

7. Another tooth, a runny nose and a cough.
While on vacation a second tooth decided to rear it's ugly head. When Morgan Kate cut her first tooth I wasn't even aware. No fussing. No fever. No change in appetite. Nothing. I was simply feeling around in her mouth and found it. This time? Completely different. This time she has drooled. She has fussed. She has coughed. She has cried. She has not wanted to eat. She has been super moody. She has run a slight fever. You name it and she has done it. My poor, poor baby. This tooth business is awful. 

And after eleven months Morgan Kate has her first runny nose and a cough. I noticed the runny nose Wednesday night and the cough began Thursday. Of course I freaked out, had a slight nervous breakdown and immediately called our pediatrician. She gave me simple instructions, told me to watch her carefully and that if her fever got to a 101 or higher then we needed to head to the ER. She did not want me taking her to any urgent care or doctor's office, just the ER. Thankfully she never had a fever and we never had to go, but we are making a trip to our pediatrician's office first thing tomorrow. While there I may see if she can give me something. Ha. I feel so bad watching her little nose run and hearing her poor little cough. It's killing me. 

7 Must Haves
1. Your very own, Kaky. Ha. Seriously. My mom and all of my family for that matter were such a big help. They all carried things to the beach, carried things back to the house, played with MK, rocked MK, attempted to feed MK, washed bottles, made formula. They were all so very helpful and MK loved each and every one of them. And so did I. However, after about an hour on the beach each day MK would start to get sleepy and her favorite place to nap was in her Kaky's arms. 

One of MK's daily naps in Kaky's arms

2. Bumbo seat. MK can sit up, but still tends to fall backward at times. The bumbo was perfect. Sit her in it, dig up some sand and hand the girl a shovel. She was set.

3. Umbrella. We debated - child's tent, regular size tent or umbrella. Our final decision was umbrella. And it wasn't just any umbrella. It was this really great one that we found at Dick's. It's super light, super easy to assemble and has small stakes that help hold it down. It was a dream come true. 

4. Sun hats and maybe even a pair of sunglasses are both great ideas for a beach trip. MK left the hat alone, which was helpful for us, but the sunglasses were another story. We actually bought her sunglasses because she kept tugging at everyone else's. However, she wouldn't wear hers, she just wanted to chew and play with them. They were so very cute.

In her shades

5. Lots of bathing suits. With all the sand and sweat we changed her suits probably two or three times a day. And besides, a girl can never have to many bathing suits.

6. Toys. I didn't even think about toys, but thankfully Trenholm did. She bought MK a big sand bucket full of shovels and rakes and all kinds of things. MK had a blast!

7. Camera. Of course. You have to have your camera and you have to be willing to snap everything you see. Or at least that is what I did. 


Heather said...

Your pictures are adorable. You all looked like you had a great time!

Hollie Heming said...

AH! I love the beach! I wish I could spend all summer in the sand. I also laughed about the amount of sand in my bathing suit when we went. It's been a long time since so much of it wound up down there!! HA!!

Anonymous said...

Todd, the kids and I still read the blog daily and we have decided that we love the picture of her in the pink shades the best! I am glad that you had a great vacation. Family vacations are the best memories.
Wendy H.

Kelly Lee said...

I truely think you have missed your should be a writer! You are never at a loss for words and a way to write them where it is never boring to read. Honestly I don't think I've read a blog of yours that doesn't bring tears to my eyes! One of the best memories I've made lately was taking those pictures for you and Morgan Kate at the beach. I used to love visiting you in the hosiptal to capture some pics of you with Morgan Kate since you are usually the one behind the camera. You are so Beautiful and what a wonderful, wonderful, wonderful mom you are. I hope I'll have the honor to take beach photos of ya'll every year:) Love you bunches! Please tell MK to get well and give Trav birthday hugs!