Monday, August 17, 2009

I'm not sure how I forgot to mention this yesterday - must have been all the cake. Morgan Kate's third tooth has officially broken through and the fourth is trying. Both are her top teeth. The left top tooth is clearly visible and the right top tooth will be making its appearance very soon. It's crazy how one day they have no teeth and then all of a sudden they have four. Crazy.

Morgan Kate is trying so hard to crawl. She can get down from a sitting position, get on all fours and begin to rock back and forth. She just hasn't figured out that she needs to move her legs and arms to get places. Right now she just rolls to get places or does an army crawl/drag. I realize that any day now it's going to happen and I really need to prepare myself and my house. Ha.

1. We have been working on using a sippy cup for quite some time. We have tried a Nuby cup and another brand that I can't recall right off hand. So far we have not had really good luck with either. The Nuby is way too large for her tiny little hands and the other brand has issues with the flow, etc. The question is...what brand do you use and why do you like it? I need serious help with this.

Earlier today I had like four questions in my head and now I can't remember any of them. Ugh!


Jenny Garris said...

Try a sippy cup that has handles---Joel used these very early since they were easy to hold. The spout type didn't matter to him, but once the teeth started coming in, we had to quit with the soft nipple-like ones because he chewed them up! Good luck!
p.s. LOVED the cake pictures! MK looks like she really enjoyed it!

Elizabeth Graham said...

I started both of my kids out with the same cups and they are the only ones that would work for them until they got the hang of it. They are the gerber tilted cups with handles. I THINK they are called "sip n smile." The cup is actually tilted so it helps them drink out of the cup without lifting it up super high (it took them a while to lift them up to drink). The spout is super soft and Ive never had problems with the flow! Good luck!

And congrats on all those toofies MK!

Heather said...

We like the plastic straw cups. Since MK is your first, you could do a regular sippy. Audrey likes the straw cups because that is what her big sister uses. I would agree to get her a cup with a handle that way the diameter of the cup doesn't matter.

Congrats on the teeth. They do come fast.

Anonymous said...

My son had a hard time starting with sippy cups as well. My mom got him one that is a Gerber NUK Learning cup. It has handles and a soft nipple so it makes an easier transition from the bottle. I'm not sure where she got it but I would bet Babies R'Us has it. Looking forward to seeing how she does.

Renee M, Baptist NICU

Newman Family said...

Brandon will not drink out of a sippy cup. I have tried 3 different brands/types but he won't. He knows how to pick it up and put it in his mouth but then he just chews on it since it is a teething ring. I talked to the physical therapist at the developmental clinic the other day about this and she said drinking out of a sippy cup is not a skill that a baby needs to master. She said some babies go straight from the bottle to drinking out of a real cup and suggested giving him a plastic cup to start drinking out of but did warn me it will be messy. She also suggested teaching him how to drink out of a real straw. I saw a cup called a doidy cup online that I plan on trying. It is angled so hopefully it will help.

Brandon army crawled for awhile and then 2 1/2 weeks ago suddenly figured out how to crawl on his own.

caryn said...

I have tried sooo many different ones and the ones that worked best were the ones that had the silicone straw.