Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Then and Now

August, 24 2008
1 pound 12 ounces
13 3/4 inches

August 24, 2009
16 pounds 6 ounces
26 1/2 inches
(MK is holding her very first diaper.)

Birth and One Year

Birth with sock doll

Six months with sock doll

One year with sock doll

Morgan Kate at one year

Cell Phone, Very First Diaper, Current Diaper


Kathy Hardison said...

That sure puts her growth in perspective! Amazing, absolutely amazing.

Sherry Pyle said...

Happy Happy Birthday beautiful girl!!!
Thanks for all the smiles you give us.
What a happy day.
Seeing those diapers sure put things in perspective!!!!
I am so happy for all of you.

Kelly Lee said...


Newman Family said...

Happy birthday Morgan Kate! Isn't it amazing how far they have come in a year?

Heather said...

Wow, Heather. You saved her first diaper for a whole year. That thing had to be stinky.

Just kidding. I had to laugh a little.

The pictures are amazing. She has come a long way. I love her 6 month picture with the sock doll. She looks like she is scared to death of it.

alexandrea said...

It is amazing to see how far Morgan Kae has come. She is sucha cute baby, with a great smile and personallity, You can just tell by the pictures.
I am so glad she had a Great First Birthday!!

Even though we have been dx with ftt, I can't belive how far Alexandrea has come, I held a coworkers baby yesturday, she was 4weeks ealy and now just hit 5lb 2 oz, the same size Alexandrea when she came home. It is amazing to see how far they come and it really puts into perspective with the pictures.

Elizabeth Graham said...

WOW!! Seeing the sock doll with MK at birth and now was amazing... what a teeny little thing she was!! What a miracle!!

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

Wow! What a great post! The sock puppet one was just unbelievable! Way to go MK and I hope you had a wonderful birthday my little internet Miracle!

Jenny Garris said...

What a journey---I'm so glad that you have written about it and taken pictures. So many people probably feel like I do---that I have gone through this journey with you because of your beautiful and honest writings. Thank you for sharing MK and yourself with us!!! We are celebrating with you! :)

Melissa and Sam said...

Can't believe it!! She's just a growing!
Love you,

charlotte said...

Wow! She has grown so much! She is such a beautiful little lady! Thank you for sharing your story with us! Happy Birthday Morgan Kate!!!

kessler said...

Isn't she amazing. Isn't she wonderful Isn't she beautiful. I am so glad that God is still in the miracle business and Morgan Kate is so special. We are truly special to have her in our lives. Thank you God for this Miracle. Love you guys,

Aunt J

Lorena Carrillo de Bianchi said...

I have tears in my eyes! I've been very emotional since Saturday and looking at how much Morgan Kate has grown just makes cry with joy! She is a true miracle!

You and Travis have done an amazing job with her! Congratulations!

caryn said...

Happy 1st Anniversary of being a Mom! Wow that sock doll really shows how little she was!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

Happy 1st Birthday to your beautiful girl! She has come a long way! That's amazing!