Wednesday, September 2, 2009


People assume things all the time. I assume things too. However, I am learning that we really shouldn't assume things at all.

Case in point. Two cases actually.

While visiting my parents last week we stopped at a local store. While in the store this conversation took place:

Store Lady: (as we are walking in) Oh my, he's a cutie!

My Mom: She's a girl.

Store Lady: Oh. Well I just assumed she was a boy because she doesn't have any hair.

Bad assumption. And when did the amount of hair on your head become the deciding factor for gender?

Second incident. Same store. Same lady. A little later in our visit.

Store Lady: She is so cute. And so tiny.

My Mom: She's a little thing, but she's grown a lot.

Store Lady: So how old is she? Four months?

My Mom: Actually she just turned a year old.

Store Lady: Oh. I just assumed she was four months because of her size. I mean her feet are so small.

Seriously? Four months? I mean come on. Yes, MK is smaller than most one year olds, but four months old? And again, when did the size of your feet become a sure sign of your age. I know plenty of women and men who are much older and have extremely small feet.

So I am learning. Learning that maybe I shouldn't assume anything. And learning that when I want to tell someone that their baby is adorable and I am not sure of the gender maybe I should just say something like, "Your baby is precious." And learning that babies come in all shapes and sizes and that when I want to know how old a baby/child is I will just ask, "How old is your baby/child?" I will not assume that they are only months old.

Since having Morgan Kate I have learned so many things.


Heather said...

People always make assumptions.
i guess it is a hard thing to not do. When I ask people about their babies I usually refrain from using a gender, unless it is VERY obvious, or say that the baby is cute. My 17 month old wears a size 3 shoe, I wonder if she is 6 months old. :)

Lorena Carrillo de Bianchi said...

I think our babies' tiny feet are adorable and find "normal" size baby feet extremely odd... I hadn't realized how big their hands and feet really are when they are full term! hahahaha


Jenny Garris said...

By the size of my feet, I am 10.
People say the darndest things!!

Elizabeth Graham said...

Oh wow, how did you manage to not strangle this woman? I know exactly what you mean though. Juliana is older and barely taller than MK and we get a lot of comments about her size too and a lot of "Assumptions" about her being younger. Also, Noah is very often mistaken for a girl when we go places- i guess he has too much hair on his head to be a boy? So irritating and frustrating. Really, people should try and be considerate when they speak.

Trish said...

(((HUGS))) I feel your pain. My 20 month old just outgrew her size 3 shoes 2-3 weeks ago & is wearing a 6-9 month onesie today. I'm pretty sure she's up to 20 lbs now (but she wasn't at her 18 month WBV).

I get comments all the time when she's running that "wow she reallly gets around great for her age" & they are genuinely shocked when I tell them how old she *really* is.

I remember when she was 17 months old a mom with young children asked me if she was 7 months. Oh come on!! She's small but *really* 7 months?? @@