Friday, September 18, 2009

I blog for numerous reasons. One, I find it to be very therapeutic. I love sitting down at the computer and letting my thoughts flow. Two, because it's an ideal way to keep everyone updated on our little muffin. And three, which I feel is most important, I blog so that Morgan Kate will have a record of these days and times and one day she will be able to go back and read through them all. With that being said I feel it's important to tell her about what happened on this special day five years ago.

Five years ago today Travis and I got engaged after eight years of dating. For those of you who I know well you may want to skip this post because I am sure you have heard this story over five hundred different times. Possibly more. Not only was a very special day, but I happen to think it's a funny story too and I love telling it. Even five years later.

Saturday, September 18, 2004
Travis called me early in the week and asked if I was interested in making one last lake trip before the summer officially came to a close. My first question was, "Well who is going with us?" I just assumed that it would be a group celebration. I was wrong. He told me that he just wanted it to be the two of us. I told him I would think about it. After all the forecast called for rain and USC had a home football game. By the end of the week I had agreed. How could I pass up a lake trip with my favorite guy, especially one that only involved the two of us.

Saturday morning we got our things together and headed for the lake. Fortunately the forecasters were wrong and the weather was beautiful. We put our things on the boat, jumped in and nothing happened. That's right. The boat wouldn't crank. I could tell that Travis was a little stressed, but I tried to remain optimistic. After about thirty minutes of this a much larger boat offered to help us out. Within ten minutes the boat was cranked and we were on our way. We spent several hours just riding around and taking in all the beautiful sights of Lake Murray.

After noon that day we headed to a small island. We parked the boat and decided to eat lunch. After lunch we were both just chatting and enjoying the sunshine. I decided that it would be a perfect time to work on my tan and possibly even take a nap. Not ten minutes into my nap Travis said, "What if I told you I brought you out for a reason?" Okay. Well what is that supposed to mean? I mean really. I didn't even look up - remember I am trying to get the last few drops of summer sun. I politely responded, "What are you talking about?" The next thing I know he is on his knees at my side and he has this tiny red box. The box itself was beautiful. It was a perfect square and cherry red with a small silver button. I still have that box. He begins to pour his heart out and I start squirming. I can't sit still and I can't even look at him. And I keep saying, "This better be for real. Please do not play with my emotions." I try to collect myself and turn to him. This is when I realize that yes, this is for real. Travis then asks me to marry him and of course I say, "YES!" I am beaming and giggling and crying. I keep hugging him and giggling and looking at the ring and crying and looking at the ring. The ring was gorgeous. More beautiful than I could have ever imagined.

After the proposal we made several phone calls to share our news. And we celebrated. Travis had thought about everything that day even down to a bottle of champagne. Only one problem. No glasses. But we proceeded with it anyways. We were not going to miss the opportunity. We then decided that we wanted to head back in. We wanted to still try and make the football game so that we could share all the details with our friends. And we also wanted to meet my parents somewhere so that we could celebrate with them as well. My parents had known for almost two weeks before Travis even asked me and they both kept it a secret.

We began to head in, but encountered another problem. The boat wouldn't crank again. This time we tried for over an hour. And this time there was no one around to help us. If I remember correctly we finally got the boat to crank and started heading for the landing. Ten minutes into the ride the boat stopped again. For the next thirty minutes Travis worked with the boat and still nothing. We were stuck in the middle of the lake with the absolute best news and we couldn't share it with anyone. By this point we were both beginning to get aggravated.

Finally someone notices us and offers to tow us back to the landing. At this point I am exhausted. I'm not sure why I was so tired. I mean Travis was doing all the work. I guess I was exhausted from so much celebration. I decided that on the "slow ride" back I would take a nap. Travis decides that he will continue to work on the motor. While dozing I hear a splash. I look back only to see my fiance' in the water and he is getting further and further away. Oh my goodness. I then had to somehow quickly get the nice man towing us to stop and turn around to get Travis. It was quite the ordeal.

By the time we finally made it to the landing it was much later than we had hoped for. However, we didn't let it get the best of us. We decided to stick with our plans. Besides, we definitely had a story to tell now.

September 18th was such a special day with such a special story. And I just can't stop telling it to anyone who will listen.


alexandrea said...

I love hearing other peoples stories thanks for is a sweet special story. Have a great day!

Heather said...

What a great story to share. I too have an funny engagement story regarding climbing a mountain that I should share sometime.

Liz and Tony Mitchum said...

Heather - I remember this day and I remember you coming to the game and Raven and I walking up and seeing your beautiful ring...Can't believe that it has been 5 years...WOW! Love your sweet story!

CAW said...

awwww.... i have not heard the story - happy five year engagement.
that is too funny that you posted this because on 9/23 is ten years when bert proposed and i have been working on a special post for it- great minds think a like. now if i could only get caught up on the blog -carley started kindergarten and no one even knows about it- i am awful. just awful...

The Fricks said...

I LOVE engagement stories!! Perhaps thats because I love telling mine too! Yours was a fun and memorable day. Congratulations.

jan kessler said...

I never heard that story and MaMa and I laughed but we are so glad Travis asked and you said yes. 5 years later you have sweet and precious baby girl who is crawling, pulling up and talking. It is amazing. She is going to be walking soon. 5 amazing years. We Love You guys.


Aunt J