Friday, October 9, 2009

As you all are aware, it happens to be the ninth day of October. So in honor of the ninth I will give you nine facts about Morgan Kate that you might not have known. Or you may have. Who knows?

1. Morgan Kate loves pasta, peas and pears. Seriously. I could feed her pasta, peas and pears every single day and I think she would be fine.

2. Morgan Kate hates wearing bibs. I used to but bibs on her all of the time, but as she has gotten older I don't use them as much. I probably need to, but I don't. When I do happen to pull one out and put it on her she immediately pulls it off. We are definitely working on this.

3. MK loves to feed the dogs. Just this week she has started dropping food from her highchair so that she can watch Lola "scarf" it up.

4. MK loves it when people sing to her.

5. Morgan Kate loves to rip magazines and paper into tiny, tiny little pieces.

6. Morgan Kate prefers the remote or our cell phones over any toy she has.

7. She constantly says "Dada" and lights up the minute he walks into the room.

8. She loves to dance.

9. MK is fascinated by socks.

And just because it's Friday, a picture of two of my favorite people in the world.


Kathy Hardison said...

Of course she loves to cut up paper into tiny pieces - she is her mother's child. I vividly remember the day you tore up paper towels into thousands of pieces and put them all over your daddy while he was napping. He never knew it until you woke him up :)

Anonymous said...

Of course she likes to dance--so do her Mother, Kaky and a few friends!

Love Ya!


Heather said...

Too cute. Just wait until the shoe fetish starts. My youngest started with "docks" and now is on to "ssshoooe".

jan kessler said...

Ask Travis if he remembers Muffin? He use to love to share with Muffin when he was MK's age and then look around to see if anyone was looking. She would situp and beg and he would share whatever he had with her. Muffin loved Travis.

Love you Guys. Give MK hugs and Kisses from MaMa and Aunt J
Aunt J