Thursday, October 29, 2009

Is it terrible that my 14 month old has never worn shoes? Seriously. She has several pairs and I have let her "play" in them or taken pictures of her in them, but I have never made her wear them out anywhere. I mean she came home in the winter and was teeny tiny and I didn't think she needed shoes. Then it was summer and I thought it was too hot for shoes. Now, it's November and I know she needs shoes, but she won't keep them on her feet. I know, totally my fault.

During PT for the past few weeks we have been working on walking. Last week as we were practicing our PT said, "Could you go get MK's shoes? I think they would help." I looked at her and then looked down in embarrassment. I mumbled, "Ummm, she doesn't have shoes." Anyway, after that particular meeting I decided it was a good time to get MK some shoes. Only one slight problem. MK wears a size one and finding actual shoes with good soles in a size 1 has been almost impossible. I have looked practically everywhere and even searched online. I was beginning to give up hope, but then it happened. I found a pair today! They are size one, have firm, good soles and are also kind of cute. What more could you ask for?


Changes will be coming soon. Changes to the blog that is. My goal is to have everything in order by this Sunday, which happens to be the beginning of November. The March of Dimes has named November as Prematurity Awareness Month and I want to help increase awareness. The blog will be purple and each day of November I will give one fact about prematurity. The fact may pertain to prematurity in general or it may be centered around Morgan Kate. Either way, I hope you will check in!
Milk Update:
We have been giving Morgan Kate rice milk since last Thursday. So far, so good. She still has occasional hiccups, but they aren't nearly as bad as before. The wet burps have continued as well, but she is not throwing up at all. Yahoo!

Oh, and sorry if I disappointed, but there was no sound for last night's video. Kaky, nor MK, were saying anything. I guess I didn't do a good job of explaining. Matter of fact, I must have done a terrible job because only one person commented. Kaky had a straw in her mouth and was blowing air into MK's face. MK would grab and pull for the straw and Kaky would pull it away. I thought it was hilarious, but maybe it was one of those "you had to be there" moments. Also, I guess the funny part wasn't really what Kaky was doing. I just thought it was funny that my mom, the one who had taught me such good table manners and table behavior, would be doing that with her grandchild. :)


Jenny Garris said...

Would you wear shoes if you didn't have to?? I wouldn't!! Lucky Morgan Kate! ha ha I'm glad you found some good ones though! I have loved Stride Rite shoes for Joel--they wear well and are good for the feet.

The video was cute of Kaky--I wasn't totally sure what was going on, but now I get it--very funny! Isn't it great to see your parents act so differently with a grandbaby?

Anonymous said...

It is not an inexpensive store and I am sure there are others, but we have gotten Megan shoes at Anderson's in downtown Newberry. If they don't have them, they will order them.

Kathy Hardison said...

Just to keep my reputation in tack, I was thinking since we were in a casual setting with few people in the restaurant, I could have a little fun w/MK....however, I would have done that in fine dining as well because I love hearing MK laugh and interact with me :) so for that moment, the heck with table manners. I tell her as she gets as I say not as I do - haven't you heard that before :) :)

Deni said...

I put Parker in soft soled shoes a lot as he got feet big enough to wear any. In fact, I really just started to put him in hard soled. They say not to do it often because it can cause their feet to not grow right. For the longest time he would take them off, but now he's fine. I think part of it is because it's new and they want to look at the shoes and what not. It helped me a lot to just let him hold them and play with them before he wore them.

Good luck with the shoe thing. I love that you are going to turn your blog purple.

Meagan Brockington said...

Well, Carter just got shoes when he turned a year old. Before that he NEVER owned a pair and now only has two pairs - one for church and one for daycare.

jan kessler said...

I thought the video was cute and so did MaMa. I am embarrassed because I was the one who commented but was too embarrassed to sign my name. Now you know Oh dear. I thought I could hear something maybe you talking but maybe I was hearing things.

The Bridges said...

Brayden's reflux is a lot better when he gets rice cereal too. I'm glad it's going well for her. Have a great Halloween!!