Thursday, November 19, 2009

Prematurity Awareness Month Fact #19:
Many premature infants lack the number of red blood cells necessary to carry adequate oxygen to the body. This complication, calledanemia, is easily diagnosed using laboratory tests. These tests can determine the severity of the anemia and the number of new red blood cells being produced.

Premature infants may develop anemia for a number of reasons. In the first few weeks of life, infants don't make many new red blood cells. Also, an infant's red blood cells have a shorter life than an adult's. And the frequent blood samples that must be taken for laboratory testing make it difficult for red blood cells to replenish. Some premature infants, especially those who weigh less than 1,000 grams, require red blood cell transfusions.

Morgan Kate required two blood transfusions while in the NICU.


First, a BIG thanks to all of those that participated in the Bloggers Unite for Prematurity on November 17th. And an even BIGGER thanks to all of those that linked their post to my blog. I so enjoyed reading all of the posts and must admit that I stayed teary-eyed most of the day. It was extremely touching to read all of the miraculous stories. If you haven't checked out the links from that day, please do so. It's worth every minute!


Camera update.

No, it's not back quite yet. But, I received a notification yesterday and it should hopefully be back before Thanksgiving. Thank goodness!


Last, but certainly not least. Morgan Kate wants to wish her "Aunt" Kelly a very happy 30th birthday!

Kelly, we hope you have a wonderful day and so wish we could be there to celebrate with you. Can't wait to see you next week! We love you so much!

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Kelly Lee said...

Thank you so much for the birthday wishes!! I missed ya'll too!! Can't wait to get some hugs and kisses from Miss MK next week. Love you guys!