Sunday, November 29, 2009

Prematurity Awareness Month Fact #29:
While MK was in the NICU and even now, I have visited a multitude of websites regarding premature babies. I often find my best information on other mommy blogs about their own premature babies, but I have found a few websites that I really like. These are just a few:

I LOVE the holidays. I really do. And it doesn't matter that I'm "twenty-something" and still act like a kid when it comes to the holidays. I love the smell of the holidays. I love the weather, even though most holidays here in the South are much warmer than I would like. I love the sounds of the holidays. Christmas music is definitely a favorite of mine. I love the colors. And the food. I love so, so many things, but mostly I love the time with family. Family is my absolute favorite part of the holidays.

Thanksgiving day was full of fun and food and thankfulness and even more full of time with family.

Several of us began our day by helping out at a local "Community Thanksgiving Lunch". We helped prepare and serve food. My brother, Owens, even found himself washing dishes.

"The crew" before heading in to help

Owens washing dishes while several others "watched" - Hee, hee!

Me and my cousin, Maggie

Later in the day we began preparing our own meal. I was responsible for the dressing. Funny that I would sign up for dressing, seeing as if I have only made it once before.

We had a scrumptious meal. I enjoyed everything I ate, but Morgan Kate mostly enjoyed the macaroni and cheese.

Before and after dinner, we got to mingle and talk and spend quality time with one another. Morgan Kate got to give lots of hugs and snuggles, especially to my cousin, Morgan.

After dinner we headed to see the Christmas lights. This has been an annual trip for many years. Last year of course, we weren't able to see the lights, but we made up for it this year. Morgan Kate loved them!
Morgan Kate is the "blonde"

I had the BEST Thanksgiving and it makes me even more anxious for Christmas. Sharing any holiday, or day for that matter, with this little girl is extra special!

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Heather said...

Mac-n-cheese! That's my kind of girl. Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving.