Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Prematurity Awareness Month Fact #3:
Preterm birth is defined as delivery prior to 37 completed weeks or 259 days gestation.
Morgan Kate was born at 25 weeks and 4 days or 158 days gestation.

I was a nervous wreck yesterday.

First, Morgan Kate woke up extremely early. Like 4:30 early. She would not go back to sleep so she and I ended up sleeping the rest of the morning in the recliner. I thought she would sleep until 8 or so. Or maybe I was hoping she would sleep that long. At 6:30 she had had enough and was ready for the day. Mommy wasn't, but she was.

She ate, played and then we headed to speech. She was a little fussy during speech, but I attributed it to her being really sleepy and needing a nap. After speech she slept and then had a bottle. After the bottle she was so, so very fussy. She had just slept, so I didn't think she was tired. She had just eaten, so I didn't think she was hungry. She wasn't coughing, wasn't sneezing, and didn't have a runny nose, but she did have a low grade fever. I guess with all the H1N1 hype and the fact that she hasn't received her vaccine yet, I immediately diagnosed her with H1N1. Okay, so I didn't freak out that much, but I was really worried. This H1N1 thing terrifies me, especially with MK's chronic lung disease. I did call our pediatrician and she told me what to look for. Thankfully, Morgan Kate didn't have any of the symptoms. They suggested that MK might be teething. I will tell you that before my H1N1 diagnosis I did check her mouth for teeth and I didn't find any new ones.

However, after two doses of tylenol and a good night's rest Morgan Kate is fever free and the fussiness has subsided. So, who knows what the fever was all about. Maybe a tooth will pop up later today or early tomorrow. Or maybe we will never know.

Either way things are back to normal and MK is scheduled to get not only the H1N1 vaccine this week, but also her synagis injection. Wish us luck! Or I guess just me, Morgan Kate usually does just fine.


Heather said...

Wishing you luck momma on the RSV shot. Please tell MK that you need her to hold your hand while she gets it so you don't pass out. :)

Justin and Jessica Jones said...

Hey Heather...we waited in line for 2 hours at the health department last week to get the first dose of the H1N1 shot for the kids. Let me tell you how much fun that was, but they handled it just fine...no nasty side effects or anything. And, I do have more of a peace of mind knowing they have had at least 1 dose. They are supposed to get the 2nd one in late November. Your lucky if your pediatrician has it...most of them don't or are not giving it out yet...but MK is probably a special case with the lung disease and all. Love ya!

Deni said...

Bless your heart - I am at the same place with Parker...any time he acts weird, my head goes to H1N1. I am going back and forth about getting the vaccine for him...the thing is, I don't want to have to take him to a clinic - something about doing that bothers me, but I have no idea when his ped. will have them at his office.

Anyways...I love your little Morgan Kate!

jan kessler said...

Tell Morgan Kate that MaMa and Aunt J had their H1N1 shot today. It was not bad for us. MaMa also got a cortizone shot for her should arthritis pain. She got 2 shots and she said it hurt, but she got several lollipops from Aunt J and dinner so she is happy. Aunt J can give Morgan Kate a lollipop too. Love you guys hope to see you guys soon.l

MaMa and Aunt J