Friday, December 11, 2009

My brother, Owens, told me that he does love reading my posts and all my information about prematurity and he appreciates the time I take to do it. But he really just checks in everyday to see the photos. He said all of this in a really nice and sincere fashion, so just for him I will include photos today and I will attempt to each time I post. The photos I am using today have absolutely nothing to do with what I am writing about, but for the love of my brother, here goes...

Yesterday we returned to the pediatrician's office for a re-check of MK's ear. I was hoping that the ear had gotten better and I also had a few questions/issues for Dr. G. Issue one being that MK's nose has been running constantly for the past two weeks, possibly longer. Issue two being that she has no appetite and when she does eat she constantly rubs her eyes and nose. Issue three being that she has some dry, scaly skin around her eyes and nose.

I'll start with the good news. Good news is that her breathing is great and her lungs sound super. Relief and answered prayers for this mommy. She doesn't seem to have any sort of infection or viral thing going on.

Not so good news. She still has an ear infection and a sinus infection, oh, and most likely allergies. Dr. G is almost 99% sure that the runny nose, watery and itchy eyes, as well as the dry, scaly skin around her nose and eyes is a result of allergies. And actually, the dry, scaly skin is not dry, scaly skin, but a rash. However, NOT contagious. Thank goodness.

After a complete examination and two vials of blood drawn we were able to leave. And we left with a prescription for an antibiotic, Singulair and Allegra. I think that was all. The blood work will be back next week and we will go from there. Hopefully it will pinpoint what MK is allergic to and if not, then we head to an allergist. Oh fun!

I guess in the grand scheme of things allergies aren't the worst, but my heart does break for MK. I am seriously allergic to my grandma's cats, only hers, and I hate the way it makes me feel. And I feel so, so terrible that MK has been feeling that way for quite some time now. Poor little girl!

In other news...

We have a changing table. A great changing table. One that I really like. But I am not sure why I even try to use it. MK hates getting dressed or having her diaper changed. If it were up to her, I guess she would be naked and dirty all of the time. Nice, huh? It's been this way for a while now, but lately it has gotten just down right ridiculous. She and I have a wrestling match every single morning.

Last night my mom was getting MK ready for bed and this is what I found. Looks like it's not just me. Apparently she gives everyone trouble. Mom was smart and just resorted to the floor.

Wednesday afternoon Morgan Kate and I finally got to meet this sweet girl, Hannah. Hannah's mommy and I grew up together. Literally. And now we have baby girls together. Hannah was born in September and is absolutely precious. MK loved her to pieces and wanted to just to touch her and hold her and love all over her. It was so sweet. We were sad for them to leave and can't wait to see them again.


Newman Family said...

Brandon hates being changed to so I know what you go through with Morgan Kate. He always flips himself over and tries to get away so I change him on the floor often too.

I hope Morgan Kate is feeling better soon. Brandon also keeps getting recurring ear infections. I can't wait until spring is here. I have a feeling it is going to be a long winter.

Kathy Hardison said...

A mom has to do what a mom has to do and if it means getting on the floor, MK and I will do it :)

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