Monday, March 15, 2010

I feel like I haven't given a "real" update on Morgan Kate's progress in quite some time. Things have been so busy lately. But right now I have a minute between laundry and here goes.

Morgan Kate has found her confidence and she is walking EVERYWHERE. And she can walk fast. There are still times where she will stop, drop and crawl, but it's become few and far between. She is definitely walking a majority of the time and she's doing so well. I love watching her walk! It's quite possibly the cutest thing ever!

Hmmmm....MK eats okay. I mean, she will eat a lot of something she really likes, but not so much of the other things. I guess when I think about it we are all like that. It's just that I want her to eat more of a variety and she prefers just pasta, potatoes, bread, cheese and fruit. She's not a meat eater and really doesn't care for veggies. Travis loves meat and veggies are my favorite, so finding stuff that all three of us can eat together is hard!

Yes, she is still taking three bottles a day, but we have made progress with her honey bear cup. She does a terrific job with it as long as I am right there to "supervise". I will be honest and confess that the cup thing is more of an issue for me than for Morgan Kate. She will use it and she does okay with it, but I am the one who is having a difficult time weaning from the bottle.

MK has quite the personality. She is full of smiles and laughs. She is captivated by people and loves watching them. Just recently she has become rather shy and takes a few minutes to warm up to new people or people she hasn't seen in a while. Just recently she has also become quite dramatic. Whenever she is angry or doesn't get her way she will scream and flail her arms and legs. It's quite amusing and a little bit ridiculous.

We still have speech twice a week, physical therapy and early intervention once a week and will be adding occupational therapy back very soon. Therapy keeps us busy, but it's so worth it and we are so thankful!


jan kessler said...

Love the pictures of MK and you and Hunter. It sounds like she is developing her likes and dislikes.


Aunt j

Kelly Lee said...

Great updates! I'd give her an A++++ on my progress report for her:) Love you guys

Heather said...

Sounds like she is doing well. I know that letting go of the bottle is hard for you but it is so LIBERATING to be free of the bottle.

MJP said...

Thanks for the update on MK! She is such a darlin':)

Jen said...

What a precious girl...
I have twin girls, Grace & Faith, born two days apart at 23 weeks 5 days & 24 weeks even.
Morgan is so adorable :)

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

I can't get enough of watching my baby toddle around either but one thing cuter is watching them from behind toddle around in footie pjs!!!
I surely understand the whole cup/bottle thing! Although for us it is the cup/nursing thing. Man, I hope they get it before they head to kindergarten, lol.

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like she's doing great! She sounds like a really sweet girl. I love the beach picture!