Tuesday, April 27, 2010

There were doctors.

And nurses.

And nurses with respiratory therapists.

And even nurses with cameras.

There was a big party sign that read, NICU Reunion Party 2010. There was a red carpet for all of the "stars" to walk down. And there were children everywhere. Children of every age. Such miracles. All of them such examples of the extraordinary work that occurs at Palmetto Health Baptist NICU.

There was a puppet show.

There were snacks and drinks. Karaoke and pictures. And yes, there were Styrofoam peanuts. One of Morgan Kate's favorite activities.

A local news station even showed up and we gave a small interview.

And after all of the fun and festivities we took a trip upstairs to tour the unit. Although, we didn't really need a tour. We're pretty familiar with how the unit looks. But we couldn't pass up an opportunity to see family.

It warmed my heart to take Morgan Kate back and to share her with all the people who took such good care of her.

She walked around and played like she owned the place. Imagine that!

And she even managed to help Dr. E write some orders for the day.

The NICU Reunion Party was an absolute blast! We had such an awesome time seeing the doctors and nurses and respiratory therapists and other staff that cared for our baby girl and cared for us. It was overwhelming to see all the families and children that returned and to see how well everyone was doing.

The NICU and the staff there will always be a big part of our lives. And we appreciate times like Sunday when we can go back, relax, reminisce, have some fun and share our girl with all of them.


jan kessler said...

what a fabulous time and to see all the miracles that God performed. I am sure that it was very emotional for you and Travis. How Awesome is Our God. I am sure that it was emotional for all of the nurses, respiratory therapist and physicians too.

Kathy Hardison said...

So glad the NICU and their staff put this event on....nice time for all. LY&MY

Devon said...

so fun! i wish our NICU did that...

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

What a great reunion!
Morgan Kate looked so happy and adorable!