Thursday, May 6, 2010

Our girl is growing! I have no clue how much Morgan Kate weighs these days. We haven't been to the doctor since her 18 month check-up. Yahoo! But I know she's growing because her clothes don't fit, she needs bigger shoes and just tonight I realized her diapers are too small.

As I mentioned a few weeks back, I had been cramming MK's poor little feet and toes into size 2 shoes. When I went to have her feet measured she was a size 4. Yikes! At first the size 4 shoes seemed too big, but just recently, they have begun to fit perfectly. It won't be long before this girl needs a size 5.

For quite some time MK has been wearing 12 month clothes exclusively. Everything has been 12 month - dresses, pants, shirts and pjs. However, we are having to say goodbye to many 12 month items and say hello to 18 month. Twelve month dresses, shirts and pjs just don't fit the same. However, all her shorts are still 12 month. And by the way, what happened to all the 15 month clothes? Why does 15 months get skipped?

In the past few weeks we have had a lot of night time "leakings" and just recently MK has been pulling and tugging at her diapers. It occurred to me just this morning that maybe her diapers were getting too small. I don't really know how they are supposed to fit anyway. So, I made a trip out and bought size 4 diapers. They definitely seem to be more comfortable. I'll let you know how the "leaking" goes tonight.

I guess it's hard for us to tell how much MK is growing. We see her everyday and it doesn't seem as obvious. Thank goodness for cues from clothing and cues from her!


Newman Family said...

I think I have to buy size 4 diapers for Brandon too. He has also been pulling at the size 3 like they are bothering him. It is funny that you said she is in 18 month for a lot of things but still 12 month for shorts. Brandon is too. He was in 12 month shorts last year too. He has grown in height and gained some weight since last year but his waist is still skinny.

Heather said...

Audrey still wears 12 month clothes too. She is in a size 3 daiper still though.

MK looks HUGE (in a good way) to me but then again I don't see her everyday. I am pretty sure she is as big if not maybe a tiny bit bigger than my 25 month old. :)

Hollie Heming said...

Nightime leaking is usually our cue that it's time to go up a size. MK is in the same size as Will now! Watch out, girl :).
Love you!

Devin said...

She's so cute! :)
-Kathy H.

Deni said...

First of all, love the update to the site. Second of all, she is getting so big!

MJP said...

I love those chubby thighs! She most certainly is growing!

Lexie Loo & Dylan Too said...

It sounds like she is growing very well!!!