Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Yesterday our sweet girl turned twenty-one months old. My heart still skips a beat when I think about the fact that in just three short months she will turn two. Wow! In honor of her twenty-one month birthday and the month of May, I will give you five (for May) things you may not have known about Morgan Kate...

1. For the past few weeks she has been sleeping until 9:00 or 9:30. Some days even later. (Tomorrow morning she will probably be up at the crack of dawn.)

2. She tried fish this weekend and LOVED it. Don't worry, we only gave her a little and it was not anything exotic or full of mercury.

3. Some new words include: purple (pu-pah), fish, and the expression Hey Bubba or Hey Baby. She is really trying to repeat anything we say or do. Just today I was dancing in the car and pumping my fists. Okay not really. I wasn't pumping my fist, but I was moving my arms. When I looked back in the rearview mirror MK was attempting to do the exact same thing.

4. She tries really, really hard to say one, two, three and A, B, C.

5. Morgan Kate has curly/wavy hair. I HAVE WANTED CURLY HAIR ALL OF MY LIFE. Seriously. I guess you always want what you can't have, but truly, all I have ever wanted was curly hair. When I was younger I would beg my mom to put my hair in rollers. However, board straight, fine hair doesn't work well with rollers. I even tried a perm once or twice. BAD. Really bad. After having MK my hair has gotten a little wavy, but still requires quite a lot of work to make it curly. However, when MK's hair gets wet this is the result. The only reason it looks straight in pictures is because we brush it down. I'm sure that as time goes on it could get straighter, but for now my little girl has curls. *Smile.*

The following is totally unrelated to Morgan Kate....

We have a bird feeder in our backyard. For quite some time it hung untouched. We were beginning to wonder if we even had any birds. However, just recently the bird seed has been going at lightning speed. Travis will fill it up one day and by the next morning it is completely empty. We figured there was one of two things happening. We either had a huge bird population stop at our house or we had some furry visitors.

It turns out it's the furry kind and I caught one red-handed.


jan kessler said...

Great Pictures even the furry bird. MaMa's mother had wavy hair on their side of the family. I had wavy red hair. Just enough to make it aggravating for a girl.
hope to see you guys soon.
Love you guys,

Aunt jan

The mom of 4 monkeys! said...

The picture of the squirel was so funny!!!!
My girls had curls and I just loved them! Sadly, they are gone now 8( I hope MK's stick around!

Kathy Hardison said...

Love her little curls! Happy 21st month, MK.

Anonymous said...

Mk is such a doll baby in her 2 piece swim suit and with her after bath curls! Give her hugs and kisses from the Burlesons and have lots of family fun time this weekend. Love, Ms. Phala

Melissa and Sam said...

Morgan Kate is a doll! Love learning about all the things she's doing these days!
The bird feeder..pic is too funny!