Friday, July 2, 2010

Fall Back Friday

Another edition of Fall Back Friday, where I fall back into all of my old pictures and pull out one or two to share with you all. Today there are two.

Last year around this time, June 30th to be exact, we were taking Morgan Kate to her sleep study. It was only after this study that we were finally able to "cut all cords". We were able to give up the oxygen and the apnea monitor. Our baby girl was "wireless" for the first time since birth.

This picture was taken just a few minutes after arriving that night.

This one was taken after all cords, stickies, etc. had been attached and we were trying to get her to sleep.
I am so glad that that is over and that Morgan Kate is doing so well!


Jason and Talyse said...

Wow...aside from a little more hair and a more "mature" look to her, she really hasn't changed much! That beautiful face has stayed the same!

I'm so glad that she is doing so well too!!

jan kessler said...

Wow she has grown. Have a nicr Holiday weekend.

Love Aunt Jan

The Bridges said...

Wow! The difference a year makes is amazing! We keep MK in our prayers and are so glad she's doing so well!