Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Last Friday Jessa and I took these sweet girls to a very special parade.

A parade to celebrate the fact that the University of South Carolina's (USC) baseball team won the 2010 National Championship. USC happens to be my alma mater, and Travis and Jessa's as well.

It was so awesome to be there and to celebrate with the team. They were so deserving! They played their hearts out and gave their fans so much to be proud of. Not only did we win the National Championship, but we beat our state rival twice during the series.

Coach Tanner and his family were one of the very first cars in the parade. Everyone was rushing out to take pictures and get his autograph.

Sweet little Annie Parker just sat back and watched.

She and Morgan Kate thoroughly enjoyed the parade, but enjoyed swapping snacks and cups even more.

I am so glad we went to the parade. It was definitely a "lifetime experience" that we may never get again. And I'm so glad that we were able to share that experience with our girls.

The weather was beautiful, the parade was amazing and this sight was just BEAUTIFUL! Our school's flag flying high above the state house.


Kathy Hardison said...

You need to take that picture, blow it up and have it framed.

The Fricks said...

Heather, I'm going to have to boycot your blog if you have many more posts like that :) Just kidding, I was pulling for them in the finals (albeit not out loud where people could hear me). Congrats Gamecocks (and trust me, that alone was hard to choke out). I'm glad MK enjoyed the parade. A parade of any kind to my monkeys is exciting.

Anonymous said...

I am a student nurse extern in the NICU at Baptist this summer and I came across your blog and have read your blog ever since Morgan Kate was born. When I first got into the NICU I found out that the nurse who I have been working the closest with all summer is Morgan Kate's primary (the nurse who first admitted her and everything), Rhonda. It was cool seeing how much all those nurses love your little girl and stay updated from your blog also. Morgan Kate has definitely been an inspiration to me towards my goal of being a NICU nurse. I graduate from Clemson Nursing in December and plan on trying to get a job in the NICU at Baptist God-willing. Glad you and your sweet family are doing so well and that Morgan Kate just keeps growing like a weed!