Wednesday, July 28, 2010

New Word Wednesday

Morgan Kate's new words this week (and last week) include:





-Heather (Don't even get me started on this one!)


-Shhh! (All week at the beach everyone kept saying "Shhh" whenever Hunter was sleeping.)


Monday we had our very last physical therapy session. And it wasn't really a session at all. We discussed Morgan Kate's progress and then signed discharge papers. Lately, I have had so many mixed emotions about various things - discharge from physical therapy being one of them. Of course I am beyond thrilled and over the top excited and so very thankful that Morgan Kate is doing well and thriving and growing and meeting all of her developmental milestones. As we were signing the papers and saying our goodbyes I felt this huge wave of relief come over me. It felt so good. But then I felt the tears filling my eyes. Some of them were just plain ole' happy tears, but some were tears of sadness. I'm not sad that we are finished with PT, but I am sad to say goodbye to our therapist. This amazing woman has been in our home once a week for the past year and a half. She knows Morgan Kate so very well, but she also knows me. We spent the majority of our sessions truly working, but there was always a little time to catch up with one another. She would listen to my concerns, my worries, my joys and my fears. And she would provide comfort and reassurance. There were many days where other than Travis, she was my only adult interaction. I will never forget her or the extraordinary work she did with Morgan Kate or with me. God truly sent us a blessing in her and we will be forever thankful!


CAW said...

I love that she says Heather-
she knows you are her mom, mamma, mommy and it cracks me up that she taunts you with this- knowledge is power she is so strong willed- I love it!!

jan kessler said...

I am thankful that Morgan Kate has done so well. Prayer changes things. I remember the first time that MaMa and I were at the hospital to see Morgan Kate and we were waiting in the waiting room I felt that God spoke to me and said She is going to be fine. WOW and look at her. She has come along way and she could not have done it without her Mommy and Daddy. You and Travis have been given strength that you did not know you had. God has a way in doing that when we are least expected. God has anointed Morgan Kate for a mighty work. I get teary eyed when I think about it. She is a special little miracle anointed of God. We love you and Travis and Morgan Kate.

Aunt Jan