Monday, August 2, 2010

A little bit of this and a little bit of that...

Last week Morgan Kate and I experienced the single life. Lots of eating out, visiting family and friends, taking out the trash, feeding the dogs and watering the grass. We did okay for the most part, but we (okay, I) literally counted down the hours and minutes and seconds until "Dah-dee" returned home. I don't enjoy the single life. I enjoy my little family of three (five counting Lola and Cash).

Travis was in Ireland on a business trip for the entire week. He doesn't typically take "out of the country" trips. Matter of fact, the last time he ventured to Ireland I went along.

This time however, I decided to stay home. I don't particularly like seven and a half hour flights and I wasn't so sure Morgan Kate would either. Thankfully our week flew by thanks to my awesome parents, Owens and Trenholm who fed us on a regular basis and lots of play dates that included sweet babies like this.

Last week I was also able to work in my new classroom a little. Thanks to my mommy I was able to get a lot done. Unfortunately, I still have lots to do and I'm still trying to figure out how you get all that done with a two year old. I have to be very careful and selective when talking about work. Some days I'm really happy and excited and all giddy and other days I just want to cry. Just for the record, today was a "cry day". I know it's going to be a "cry day" when the tears start only minutes after waking up. Hopefully tomorrow will be a "smile day".

Speaking of work, I was in need of a TB test. So today I made my way to the doctor's for a simple TB test and left with a TB test, tetanus shot and whooping cough vaccine. And all in the same arm. Whoah!


And just because...

(Uncle Owens and Morgan Kate)


Melissa and Sam said...

Love the baby pics...send me some!
I hope today is a smile day for you! You are getting a lot done for your classroom I'm sure. You are good at doing things in a timely manner. Love you and hope to see you before the "school bells" starting ringing again.

Hollie Heming said...

You're in my thoughts. The transition will be tough, however, you can do it! You've survived much more difficult situations :). It's going to be good for you and for MK. Love you!

jan kessler said...

Love the pictures. Three sweet babies.

Aunt J

Allison Babb said...

If I'm there you are more than welcome to let MK play in my room. K has had so much fun this week playing with all my toys this week. The girls can play while we work:)