Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Monday afternoon we had Morgan Kate's speech re-evaluation. It went really well and Morgan Kate did a terrific job. We don't have her "official" scores back yet, but I know they are going to be great. During the re-evaluation she had to repeat numerous words, using various consonant sounds, as well as identify and label objects and people. She also had to follow two part commands/directions, pretend play, answer/ask questions and identify actions. She did so well on all of the parts, but struggled with the questions and identifying actions. She was given several pictures of children doing various activities (one child playing with blocks, one child running and one child taking a bath). She was supposed to point to the child playing and then to the child taking a bath. She was way more interested in pointing out the blocks and the soap. As for the questions, she seemed clueless. Either way we have a new set of goals and we know what we need to work on. 

I am so excited with how well she is doing and how much talking she does, but I did/do have concerns about her articulation. She can say many words, but they are not always clear (like 95% of the time not clear) and to people who aren't with her everyday her words sound like a foreign language at times. This is something we plan to work on as well.

She has made such tremendous progress in the last few months, especially since being with Roddey and being around other children. It has been so good for her! Each day Morgan Kate is doing something new and continuing to amaze me! 

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jan kessler said...

Way to go Morgan Kate.


Aunt J